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The Cancer Research Domain's activities are overseen by a Steering Group composed of researchers from across UCL.


Name Affiliations
Professor Daniel Hochhauser UCL Cancer Institute; UCLH BRC; CRUK Centre co-lead Chemo-DNA interactions, GI cancer
Professor Alison Lloyd MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology Cell growth, tissue regeneration, nerve repair, tumour development
Professor Gary Royle UCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Imaging and sensor systems, RTx and proton therapy, cellular imaging


Name Affiliations  Research/expertise 
Professor Giuseppe Battaglia UCL Chemistry Synthesis, drug/gene carriers and delivery, diagnostics
Professor Mark Emberton Dean, UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences  Prostate cancer 
Professor Tariq Enver Director, UCL Cancer Institute Leukaemia, single cell analysis, stem cells
Dr Sahra Gibbon UCL Anthropology BRCA genetics, risk, inequities, public health
Dr Darren Hargrave UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health Paediatric neuro-onc
Catherine Hart Head of Health Fundraising, UCL Office of the Vice-Provost (Development)   
Professor Jonathan Ledermann UCL Cancer Institute; Director, CRUK Cancer Trials Centre Cancer Trials and Gynaecological Cancers
Professor Nick Luscombe UCL Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment; Francis Crick Institute; eMedLab Bioinformatics, gene expression
Professor Mark Lythgoe UCL Division of Medicine; Director of the Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging Advanced imaging and tracking
Professor Emma Morris UCL Division of Infection & Immunity; BRC; AHSC Immunotherapy, transduced T cells, WT1
Professor Andrew Pomiankowski UCL Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment Genetics, sexual reproduction, evolution
Dr Martin Pule UCL Cancer Institute Engineered immune cell therapy, CAR T, commercial
Professor Rosalind Raine Head of UCL Department of Applied Health Research; Director of NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Cancer services, risk factors, screening
Professor Charlie Swanton UCL Cancer Institute; Francis Crick Institute; CRUK Chief Clinician Lung, heterogeneity, evolution
Dr Chrissie Thirlwell Cancer Biomedicine BSc Admissions Tutor, UCL Cancer Institute  
Professor Henning Walczak UCL Cancer Institute; CRUK Centre co-lead Cell death, immunity, inflammation