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About us

The UCL Cancer Domain provides a platform for strategic coordination, networking and collaboration, and engagement with partner organisations.

UCL has a proud track record in addressing the societal, technical, and health challenges of cancer and in exploring its underlying biology.

The goal of the UCL Cancer Domain is to build on these strengths and engage academics from different fields to advance our understanding of cancer, develop improved diagnostics and treatments, and influence national and international healthcare policy.

The UCL Cancer Domain represents the broad cancer research picture across UCL's Schools and Faculties and brings together hundreds of investigators conducting cancer-relevant research in specialities as diverse as molecular cell biology, genetics, immunology, neuroscience, population health, child health, pharmacy, biomedical engineering, chemistry, physics, social and historical sciences, and arts and humanities.

It provides a platform for strategic coordination, networking and collaboration, and engagement with partner organisations.  

The Domain reaches across to the NHS through the UCLPartners Academic Health Science Network, Academic Health Science Centre, and Biomedical Research Centres at UCLH and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Our aims

The aims of the Cancer Domain are to:

  • Promote communication, collaboration and cross-disciplinary cancer research
  • Facilitate grant success, research income and access to resources
  • Support career development, education and recruitment
  • Manage relationships, creating new strategic partnerships and promote entrepreneurship
  • Raise the profile of cancer research at UCL

The Cancer Domain supports UCL's position as a world-leading environment for cancer research, and UCL's strategic commitment to and investment in cancer research. It aligns with the principal themes of UCL's 2034 strategy, in terms of supporting academic leadership and bringing together research excellence with world-class teaching and career development.


The UCL Cancer Domain spans research of any speciality that increases our understanding of the natural history of cancer including at the genetic and epigenetic level, tumour heterogeneity and evolution, the tumour microenvironment, tumour immunity and immune escape, cell movement and metastasis.

Translational and clinical research is leading to novel diagnostics and treatments, including image-based approaches, biological therapies, radiology and focal therapies, and optimised chemotherapy and surgery. UCL researchers are exploring the population aspects of the disease including health behaviours, smoking, and socioeconomic aspects of disease and risk prevalence.

Domain themes

Understanding cancer

  • Cancer cell biology, tissue organisation, and immunity
  • Tumour heterogeneity and cancer evolution
  • Nutrition, metabolism and ageing

Treating cancer

  • Drug discovery, development and delivery
  • Immunotherapy
  • Clinical studies, trials and personalised medicine


  • Cancer imaging, focal therapies and surgery
  • Radiotherapy and proton beam
  • Risk and disease stratification

Cancer in society

  • Early detection
  • Ethics, society and health disparities
  • Lifestyles and behaviours

      Steering Group

      The Cancer Domain's activities are overseen by a Steering Group composed of researchers from across UCL.

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