UCL Research Domains


About UCL Research Domains

The UCL Research Domains are large, cross-disciplinary research communities that span UCL and our partner organisations, fostering interaction and collaboration.

About Research Domains

UCL is committed to conducting research that addresses some of the world's most pressing problems, from understanding and tackling diseases to developing healthier environments. We believe that by bringing together a critical mass of expertise with the UCL Research Domains, we can undertake internationally leading research in our key areas of strength.

While UCL prioritises high-quality research in the entire range of subject areas, the UCL Research Domains provide strategic coordination across the university and a platform for research communities to engage with partner organisations.

UCL Research Domains aim to:

  • develop new research collaborations and partnerships, within and beyond UCL
  • support academic communities in developing strategic ambitions that further develops UCL's internationally leading research profile
  • underpin strategic developments and attract major funding
  • provide development opportunities for early career researchers
  • exemplify how research communities can become greater than the sum of their parts.

The current UCL Research Domains are:

New Research Domains will soon be launched, focusing on:

Each UCL Research Domain includes a number of research Themes, which are of strategic importance to the Domain and UCL.