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Worktribe reporting

Research application and award data can be viewed in Worktribe and Tableau, enabling academic departments to interrogate and analyse their pre-award activity.

Worktribe system searches

The Worktribe search function allows users to create reports for their area of responsibility. There are two types of searches which are summarised below:

  1. Shared searches: provide detailed reports of research applications submitted and awarded in the last 2 financial years. These reports are fully exportable to enable further analysis.
  2. Search projects: allows users to create a bespoke report using Worktribe data fields for their area of responsibility. Further information on how to create a report can be found in the help topics section in Worktribe.

Tableau dashboards

UCL Tableau dashboards provide access to up-to-date research application and award information. They offer a range of filters to help academic departments interrogate, analyse and compare their pre-award activity.

Available dashboards include:

  • Research trends: applications, awards, contracts
  • Worktribe applications
  • Research grant summary
  • Research grant demographics
  • Worktribe research contracts pipeline (restricted to those involved in research contracts: access granted on a case-by-case basis)

To access UCL Tableau dashboards visit the Strategy, data and insight website.

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