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Activating your project

Find information on the steps you need to take to activate your research project.

Activating your project in MyFinance

When the project has been set up on MyFinance the Principal Investigators (PIs) and Departmental Administrators (DAs) are notified by email.

PI’s and their administrative support should ensure they are familiar with the terms and conditions of the award. Many funders require projects to start (i.e. become active) within a defined period from the proposed start date. 

For example, Research Councils require projects to start within 3 months from the date shown on the award letter, failure to do so risks the grant being withdrawn by the funder i.e. the award will lapse.

Projects should be activated in MyFinance by:

  • Submitting a Staff Approval form by MyHR
  • Notifying Award Services in writing that the project has started and you have expenditure to charge.
  • Setting the start and end dates as per the contractual agreement with the funder

Expenditure cannot be incurred against the project on MyFinance until one of these has been completed.

Some funders require a ‘starting certificate’ to formally confirm the start date for the funding or the date on which expenditure on a project is first incurred. Where these are required Award Services will submit the necessary documentation in line with funder guidelines once advised of the actual start date by the department. 

For Wellcome and Cancer Research UK (CRUK) grants the PI is required to submit the start certificate via the funder’s online portals.

Award terms and conditions

When accepting a research award the department must be aware of and be prepared to adhere to the funders and UCL’s terms and conditions for managing the project. Award Services must be kept informed of any changes to project, such as:

  • Staff changes
  • Duration
  • Budget amendments
  • Change of scope.

Approval may need to be sought from the funder ahead of significant changes.

Charging to your research project

To charge to a research project you need to know your Project Number, valid tasks associated with your project, the award number and the expenditure type of the item you are purchasing (PTAE).

The Project and Award Number will be supplied by Award Services within the notification email. The tasks associated with your project will correspond to the awarded budget headings and you can find your particular available tasks from the Axiom Reports. 

Please contact your Research Finance Administrator if you have any queries.