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Youngsters put reading skills to the test

VIP visitor left Neilston pupils with story to tell

Barrhead News, East Renfrewshire, 20 February 2019

The impact of Reading Recovery ten years after intervention

‘Two independent research reports commissioned by the KPMG Foundation into the long-term benefits of Reading Recovery, reveal that the intervention helps close the GCSE attainment gap between these children and their peers. The research shows that Reading Recovery has the potential to deliver up to £1.2 billion to the economy in the form of increased lifetime earnings and reduced costs for special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) services.’

Read the full KPMG press release here.

Read the UCL press release here.

KPMG, 5 December 2018

Reading Recovery and the KPMG report

Reading Recovery is one of the most powerful ways to address the needs of struggling readers in the early years. As an effective early intervention for the lowest attaining pupils, it has always welcomed robust evaluations from independent sources to inform its development. Since Reading Recovery was introduced in the United Kingdom and Europe in 1990, data have been collected and analysed for each of the 200,887 children served allowing its impact to be assessed independently and in a variety of ways.  

The most recent evaluation compared outcomes for pupils admitted to Reading Recovery in 2005 with a group of pupils, matched by attainment and in different schools who did not receive the treatment (Hurry and Fridkin, 2019).  Ten years on, the findings show that the Reading Recovery pupils were more than twice as likely as the control group to achieve five or more good GCSEs including English and mathematics. A companion cost-benefit analysis calculated the benefits from these enhanced levels of attainment at GCSE.

A third group of children in Reading Recovery schools who were given small group provision rather than one-to-one lessons also did better at GCSE than the group of pupils who received no treatment, but they did not perform as well as the children who received Reading Recovery. This is consistent with the vision of Reading Recovery which addresses individual children’s needs within a systemic framework, using the Reading Recovery teacher’s expertise to enhance literacy tuition for weaker readers throughout the school.

Reading Recovery is fully committed to putting its impact to the test and will continue to welcome fair and objective evaluations of its implementation. 

Bristol family to speak at the House of Lords about how Reading Recovery changed their lives

Bristol City Council Newsroom, 5 December 2018

Reading scheme at age 5 helps GCSE success

Reading Recovery participants more than twice as likely than similar children to achieve five or more good GCSEs 10 years later.

TES, 5 December 2018

The case for early intervention: the impact of Reading Recovery on the phonics screening check

Researchers at the ILC and UCL’s CREATE report a positive impact from Reading Recovery on pupils' phonics check scores. Phonics and Reading Recovery briefing.

Read the IOE press release.

UCL Insitute of Education, 4 December 2018

 Every Child Our Future (2018)

Learn about Every Child Our Future – Jersey.  Reading Recovery teachers in Jersey work with children who are severely behind their peers.
“As soon as we started in September he excelled and now he is in the highest group in his class.”

ECOF - Jersey, video, November 2018

Realising the potential of early intervention

Reading Recovery is one of a small number of programmes given as examples of effective early intervention in a new report launched by the Early Intervention Foundation Realising the potential of early intervention.

Early Intervention Foundation, 31 October 2018

"The teacher is our best resource"

"Our goal is to enable as many children as possible to be literate". 
Learn about the work of Reading Recovery Europe: http://bit.ly/2yxKcMV

UCL Institute of Education, YouTube, 25 October 2018

The impacts of Reading Recovery at scale

A study published in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis presents findings from a four-year evaluation of a national scale-up of Reading Recovery - a one-to-one reading intervention for struggling first grade (Year 2) readers.

Institute for Effective Education, 15 May 2018

Success for pupils living in poverty

Mentions Reading Recovery in East Renfrewshire

Barrhead News, 25 April 2018

The Institute for Effective Education has rated Reading Recovery as STRONG evidence for primary reading. 

'Reading Recovery has been rated as 'strong' for primary reading. This is the highest possible rating and lets educators know that the intervention has a good chance of improving pupils' outcomes if implemented as designed.'

Institute for Effective Education, University of York, 11 April 2018

Moores and Kitt help local school with reading skills

Nottinghamshire first-team squad members Tom Moores and Ben Kitt took time out from their pre-season preparations to listen to children from Rosslyn Park Primary and Nursery School read excerpts from their favourite books.

Trent Bridge News, 27 March 2018

Reading Recovery launches in Malta

UCL News,  TV Malta, 15 March 2018

Limerick primary schools take part in programme to improve children's literacy

Limerick Today, 4 March 2018

Bristol pupils get reading boost during Read Aloud month

Pupils from Bristol primary schools are getting a chance to read their favourite books to a series of high profile people this February as part of a month long celebration of reading.

Bristol City Council Newsroom, 22 February 2018

Visit to the Royal Theatre Stratford East

On Tuesday 20th February, North Beckton Primary celebrated the achievements of some of our children, who with the help of their parents and the school, had overcome literacy difficulties through the Reading Recovery Intervention.

North Beckton Primary School, 23 February 2018

Barrhead schoolkids read to River City star Frances Thorburn during library visit

The children were taking part in the International Literacy Centre's Read Aloud month, which is a series of events celebrating the pupils' achievements in learning to read and encouraging them to become role models for other youngsters.

Evening Times, Glasgow, 5 February 2018

All about... literacy

Effective literacy teaching involves much more than synthetic phonics

Nursery World, 5 February 2018

Dagenham pupils show off literacy success at 'Read Aloud' event in the British Library

Dagenham schoolchildren were handed the stage at the British Library today to celebrate their reading achievements.

Year One pupils from Grafton Primary have been taking part in UCL's Institute of Education programme, Reading Recovery, aimed at getting struggling readers up to speed.

Barking and Dagenham Post, 31 January 2018

IOE celebrates success of young readers in London

UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and the British Library today celebrated the achievements of London school children who have overcome problems with literacy through the IOE's Reading Recovery Programme.

UCL Institute of Education, 31 January 2018

Portsmouth school given award for work on reading

St John's Cathedral Catholic Primary School, in Landport, Portsmouth, was given an award for its dedication to encouraging children to reach their expected reading age. 

The Portsmouth news, 24 July 2017

Young reader achiever scoops national award

A Year 2 pupil from Moorside Primary School in Droylsden has been recognised at a national reading awards ceremony in London in front of special guests, including actress Gillian Anderson.

Tameside Reporter, 21 July 2017

Budding book worm receives trophy from author

More good news on Reading Recovery Award winners from the Rugby Observer.

Rugby Observer 19th July 2017

Primary school teacher honoured in national awards ceremony

Stacey was 'highly commended' in the Reading Recovery Teacher of the Year Award.

Coalville, Ashby & Swadlincote Times, 14 July 2017

South Park Primary School awarded for helping underachieving pupils with their reading

South Park Primary School has become the first school in the borough to win the Reading Recovery School of the Year Award.

The Ilford Recorder, 13 July 2017

Rugby Observer praises local Reading Recovery Award winner

ONCE upon a time there was a schoolgirl in the town of Rugby who read aloud so well that she won a national award…

Six year-old Taya Adams has been named as a winner in the reading category of the 2017 Reading Recovery Awards.

Rugby Observer, 9 June 2017

St Peter's CE Primary School in Farnworth turns children into young bookworms

A PRIMARY school is first class when it comes to encouraging its youngsters to read.

St Peter's CE Primary School in Farnworth is celebrating being University College London's Institute of Education Reading Recovery School of the Year.

The Bolton News, 6 June 2017

Reading Recovery and Arsenal - Matchday Programme article

Reading Recovery and Arsenal Double Club collaboration - Article in Arsenal vs Manchester United Matchday Programme, 7 May 2017

Reading aloud packs a punch with pupils

Kickboxer Regis Sugden stressed the importance of reading to nine youngsters as part of a national campaign.

Year two and three pupils at William Gladstone Academy, Newark, read aloud to the 21-year-old Suggy's Gym star.

Newark Advertiser, 20 April 2017

On the road to reading recovery

"Jamie was struggling at school," says his grandfather Morgan Tande, "he wasn't interested in going and had so many excuses every morning; everyday it was a struggle to get him to school."

Bristol 24/7 , 4 April 2017

Bristol pupils get reading boost during Read Aloud month

Pupils from Bristol schools will get a chance to read their favourite books to a series of high profile people this week as part of Read Aloud, a month long celebration of UCL Institute of Education (IOE) Reading Recovery initiatives. 

Bristol City Council Newsroom, 22 February 2017

Firefighters help children with reading

Fightfighters from Bristol have been helping children with their reading

BBC Radio Bristol, 21 February 2017

City pair show their support towards local primary school

Callum O'Dowda and Mark Little visited Greenfield E-ACT Primary School to encourage pupils to read as part of the nationwide Read Aloud project.

BCFC, 21 February 2017

Both sides score on literacy visit

Pupils from Blidworth Oaks Primary School visited Meadow Lane this week to read with the Notts County first team. The children are involved in the Reading Recovery programme, tailored to help those who had difficulty with literacy at an early age.

Nottingham Post, 9 February 2017

The Big Picture - Reading goals

Education secretary Justine Greening attended the launch of a new partnership between Arsenal in the Community and the UCL Institute of Education (IoE) with the aim to reach more north London children with reading programmes.

Nursery World, 6 February 2017

Education Secretary visits Arsenal football club to launch reading and football partnership

The Education Secretary Justine Greening visited Arsenal football club to listen to children read, celebrating their achievements and marking the launch of a literacy partnership. 

Day Nurseries, 2 February 2017

New schemes announced across the UK to boost learning through football 

Arsenal Football Club played host to education secretary Justine Greening yesterday to celebrate the launch of a joint reading initiative between Arsenal in the Community and the University College London's Institute of Education (IOE.) 

The scheme aims to improve literacy performance in schools by providing young people in London with specialist reading programmes through Arsenal's Double Club initiative and the IOE's Reading Recovery intervention - a programme which supports five and six-year-olds who struggle with literacy. 

QA Education, 2 February 2017

Education Secretary impressed by "literacy and sporting activities" during Arsenal in the Community visit

Education Secretary Justine Greening this week visited Arsenal football club to mark the launch of a joint reading initiative between Arsenal in the Community and the University College London's Institute of Education.

The partnership aims to raise educational achievement with access to reading programmes for more children in north London through Arsenal's Double Club initiative and the IOE's Reading Recovery literacy intervention.

Essex TV, 2 February 2017

Education Secretary visit to Arsenal football club

Education Secretary Justine Greening today (30 January 2017) visited Arsenal football club to mark the launch of a joint reading initiative between Arsenal in the Community and the University College London's Institute of Education (IOE).

The Edgazette, 30 January 2017

Education Minister launches UCL and Arsenal literacy initiative

Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening attended the launch of a new partnership between Arsenal in the Community and the UCL Institute of Education (IOE) today (30 January 2017).

Through the IOE's Reading Recovery literacy intervention and Arsenal's Double Club initiative, the partnership aims to reach more north London children and raise educational achievement.

The Edgazette, 30 January 2017

How gender stereotypes kick in age six

Joanna Gosling spoke to Professor Paul Howard-Jones, an education neuroscientist from Bristol University, and Professor Gemma Moss, director of the UCL Institute of Education's International Literacy Centre, to discuss where children are picking up influences at such a young age.

BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire show, 27 January 2017

Girl Power: How can books empower young girls?

Girl Power needs to start young - with storybooks - to challenge the assumption that boys are smarter, Professor Gemma Moss, an education expert has said.

BBC News, 27 January 2017

BBC Radio 4's Today programme, 27 January 2017