Reading Recovery Europe


Reading Recovery Europe

Reading Recovery programme is an effective school-based literacy intervention for five or six year olds who are the lowest attaining in reading and writing. It enables these pupils to catch up with their classroom peers and reach age-expected levels within 20 weeks.

Reading Recovery Europe (RRE) has responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the quality and integrity of Reading Recovery across Europe. We promote Reading Recovery and the high quality professional learning for teachers it provides that enable all children to achieve excellence in literacy.

RRE transition

IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society, has proudly hosted Reading Recovery since 1991. During this time, Reading Recovery has made valuable contributions to effective literacy intervention for children at risk of long-term literacy difficulties and to the professional development of teachers who do this important work. Whilst recognising the valuable impact of Reading Recovery, following a strategic review of future priorities, UCL has taken the difficult decision to step back from holding the trademark for Reading Recovery at the end of July 2025. All existing commitments will be met until that date whilst Reading Recovery Europe manages a transition to a new provider to operate the trademark for Reading Recovery in Europe. 

If you are an educational organisation and would like to find out more about becoming the new trademark holder for Reading Recovery in Europe, please contact: ioe.ilc@ucl.ac.uk


Boy is reading a book during his Reading Recovery lesson, his teacher is listening and making notes.

Implementing Reading Recovery

Information about the programme and Reading Recovery teacher training. 

children in a classroom, reading and writing

For school leaders and teachers

Literacy learning and teaching, guided reading and professional development in literacy.

A girl reading a book with her mother

For parents and children

Information about Reading Recovery lessons and how parents can help.

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For researchers

Research and evaluation reports about Reading Recovery and national monitoring data reports