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Alice Riddell

Racism and Racialisation

PhD group


Alice Riddell

Alice Riddell is a first year PhD candidate in Digital Anthropology at UCL. Alice’s research explores a live-streaming street crime app, called Citizen, and its impact on neighbourhoods in New York City. She is interested in exploring how lateral surveillance apps affect processes of segregation and gentrification, facilitate protest mobilization and impact anti-police sentiments and racial injustice in the U.S.

Alice also produces teaching and homework resources for AnthroSchools, an initiative working towards decolonising the A-level curriculum, improving the accessibility of anthropology as a discipline, and introducing younger students to the social sciences through free and open-source materials. She also works for SHS Decolonising the Curriculum, organising conferences structured around the decolonisation of social and historical sciences while also chairing and mediating webinars for PAPER: Power and Politics of/in Ethnographic Research, a seminar series that interrogates the ongoing decolonisation of ethnographic fieldwork, with aims to instigate pedagogical progress within anthropology.