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UCL Social Data Science (Q-Step)

The Social Data Institute recently inherited the UCL Q-step centre, and provides social science students with state of the art training in social data science, through courses in quantitative research methods, data analysis and visualization.
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About us

Learn about the history of the Social Data Science Programme and why we teach Social Data Science.

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The The Social Data Institute offers training in data science on four innovative and inter-disciplinary undergraduate degree programmes. 

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What is Social Data Science?

The data science training that Social Data Science students receive is in high demand. Employers from public, private and the third-sector desperately need people who can draw out insights from quantitative data to inform policymaking, organizational strategy and resources. 

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Core Modules

Most of our Social Data Science students, regardless of discipline, study five core modules during their degree. Find out more about these modules by exploring this page.

Contact us:

Email: UCL.SODA@ucl.ac.uk

Twitter: @UCLSocialData

LinkedIn: UCL Social Data Institute