Q-Step Centre at UCL


Careers & Employability

The social data science skills learned through UCL’s Social Data Science programme strengthen students' employability

Q-Step was developed as a strategic response to the shortage of quantitatively skilled social science graduates. It was recognised that there was a skills shortage and therefore organisations are struggling to fill roles which require data related experience and skills. Consequently, by studying a Q-Step degree programme students are gaining much needed skills, widening their career options and generally strengthening their employability.


What organisations say

UCL Q-Step has consistently provided us with exceptional students who are uniquely well-equipped to understand the work of a specialist area of journalism that requires strong data-handling and visualisation skills. – Financial Times

Really impressed by the work of [our Q-Step student]. I would not have been able to distinguish that this work was done by an undergraduate, as opposed to a professional working in this field for a few years. He has undertaken meaningful work that will be published on our website and shared with a large audience. We want to thank him for his work. – Trust for London