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Social Data Science (Q-Step) Modules

Most Social Data Science students, regardless of discipline, study five core modules during their degree

These are the Social Data Science (Q-step) modules running in 2023-24. Please note all course content is provisional and is subject to change.

First Year Modules

Term 1Term 2

Principles of Social Science Research (POLS0007)

Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods (POLS0008)

Second Year Modules

Term 1Term 2
Data Analysis (POLS0010) (pt 1)Data Analysis (POLS0010) (pt 2)

Third Year Modules

Students can choose from two of the following. Please note that POLS0012 and POLS0013 are specifically designed as continuations of POLS0010. The remaining 3 modules are also taken by students who have not taken POLS0010 so there may be some more introductory content (especially with the likes of R programming) that you would have already covered on the data science pathway. Access to preferred modules is subject to demand and timetabling constraints.

Term 1Term 2
Causal Analysis in Data Science (POLS0012)Social Network Analysis (SOCS0081)
Measurements in Data Science (POLS0013)Cartography & Data Visualisation (GEOG0162)

Machine Learning for Social Sciences with Python (GEOG0178)