Q-Step Centre at UCL


Q-Step Modules

Most Q-Step students, regardless of discipline, study five core Q-Step modules during their degree

These are the Q-Step modules running in 2021-22. Please note all course content is provisional and is subject to change.

First Year Q-Step Modules

Term 1Term 2

Principles of Social Science Research (POLS0007)

Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods (POLS0008)

Second Year Q-Step Modules

Term 1Term 2
Data Analysis (POLS0010) (pt 1)Data Analysis (POLS0010) (pt 2)

Third Year Q-Step Modules

Students can choose from two of the following. Please note that POLS0012 and POLS0013 are specifically designed as continuations of POLS0010. The remaining 3 modules are also taken by students who have not taken POLS0010 so there may be some more introductory content (especially with the likes of R programming) that you would have already covered on the data science pathway. Access to preferred modules is subject to demand and timetabling constraints.

Term 1Term 2
Causal Analysis in Data Science (POLS0012)Social Network Analysis (SOCS0081)
Measurements in Data Science (POLS0013)Cartography & Data Visualisation (GEOG0162)

Mining Social and Geographic Datasets (GEOG0051)