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Fellowship Funding

The UCL Policy Fellows programme provides UCL researchers with the opportunity to work directly with policy professionals whilst embedded within a policy environment. Offering an in-depth learning experience for early career researchers through to more established academics, our tailored partnerships provide an impactful policy engagement opportunity.

Public Policy Fellowship Funding

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The UCL Policy Fellowship programme is funded through various sources held by UCL Public Policy: 

  • Research England QR SPF (Quality-Related Strategic Priorities Fund) 
  • Impact Acceleration Award (IAA) 
  • Internal institutional funding 

You can apply to these funds either as part of an open fellowship call advertised through UCL Public Policy, or as part of the UCL Public Policy Rapid Response scheme. 

Alternatively, you can apply to the UCL Higher Education Innovation Fund (maximum award £15,000) administered by UCL Innovation and Enterprise.
> More on UCL Higher Education Innovation Fund

If you are interested in doing some knowledge exchange activities, please contact Alice Tofts (alice.tofts@ucl.ac.uk).

What is included?  

Funding covers the cost of staff salary (including oncosts but not overheads) for the duration of the Fellowship. 

Funding is not available for expenses associated with the delivery of the Fellowship project which, where necessary, will be met by the policy host department. 

How do you get the funds?  

Funding will either be transferred to your UCL department to administer, or the portion of your salary covered by the Fellowship will be directly allocated to the UCL Public Policy account. The most appropriate approach will be discussed with your departmental finance officer upon acceptance of the award.

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