UCL Public Policy


Policy to Research Fellowships

UCL Public Policy provides opportunities for policy professionals to visit UCL and to engage with academics and research in areas of mutual interest.

UCL Public Policy provides two distinct fellowship models: Visiting Policy Fellowship and Policy Professionals' Fellowships. The choice between these models is driven by the commitment levels and objectives of both the fellow and the research department.  

Current Opportunities

Pre- and Post- Election Period Parliamentary FellowshipsDeadline: 28 May, 17:00

Policy Professionals Fellowship 

UCL Public Policy offers policy professionals an immersive opportunity to embed themselves within a research department, centre or institute. This fellowship entails working on specific projects, contributing to activities such as workshops, seminars, report production, or framework development. 

Suitable for policy professionals who: 

  • Seek longer-term engagements. 
  • Embrace an exploratory approach to their policy area. 
  • Aim to develop research skills 
  • Are keen on fostering knowledge exchange. 

Visting Policy Fellows

UCL Public Policy provides coordination and support for policy professionals to spend time at UCL, participating in a range of activities from individual and group meetings with researchers, to joining in course modules and seminars or visiting labs and watching experiments in action.

Discussions are driven by policy questions, defined in advance, matched to key research themes, expertise, and ongoing projects across the breadth of UCL.

Suitable for policy professionals with: 

  • Have limited time commitments. 
  • Work in interdisciplinary policy areas. 
  • Desire to obtain academic insights on specific policy questions. 


Policy professionals working in the following organisations are eligible: government and parliamentary departments, local authorities, devolved government, think tanks, charities, and national academies.  


The UCL Policy Professionals Fellowship programme gives policy professionals direct access to UCL’s cutting-edge research and academic talent, as well as behind-the-scenes insight into the way academic research departments operate. The fellowships provide an opportunity to build new networks in research and academia and to investigate how UCL research can respond to policy demand and help inform policy development. 

If you would be interested in arranging a fellowship to UCL please contact Katherine Welch or Alice Tofts.

For more information on costs, eligibility, processes, and impact please see our Policy to Research Fellowships FAQ

CSaP Policy Fellowship Programme – Affiliate Network

UCL Public Policy is an affiliate of the Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) Policy Fellowship Programme, a professional development programme for policy professionals. As an affiliate member, fellows of the CSaP programme can visit UCL for a series of meetings and additional networking.

If you are a CSaP Fellow and would like to arrange a visit to UCL through the programme, please contact policyfellows@csap.cam.ac.uk for further information. 

>  Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) Policy Fellowship Programme