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Building public support for sustainable development through evidence-based engagement

Innovative tools developed by Professor Jennifer Hudson of the UCL Department of Political Science are helping to improve public engagement with sustainable development issues.


13 February 2023

International policy case study

Research title: Building public support for sustainable development through evidence-based engagement
Faculty: UCL Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences
Activity: Research
Policy type: Internal govt or civil service change
Country/Region: Europe, North America

Policy partner: UK Government (Home Departments), FCDO/UK Government Overseas; NGOs


Public support is crucial for sustainable development, but efforts to build support have been limited by a lack of evidence on how to reach key audiences effectively. Professor Jennifer Hudson’s Aid Attitudes Tracker (AAT) and Development Engagement Lab (DEL) track and analyse audience data enabling more effective engagement. These innovative tools have also improved UK government and international NGOs’ strategies relating to development aid.


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