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Reducing pollutant emissions from domestic sources

A small grant from Public Policy was provided to support this work by our UCL community to enhance policy engagement and impact.

4 February 2020

Project information

Grant: Engagement Award 
Awarded amount: £1,000
Awardees: Dr Aaron Eveleigh and Dr Midhat Talibi, UCL Mechanical Engineering

Problem: There is little data on the emissions from domestic appliances, which are a significant causes of air pollution

Project: Convene a stakeholder advisory group to co-design a research project to assess how domestic sources of air pollution can be reduced

Policy audience: The Department for Energy and Climate Change; the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs; Public Health England


Impacts and Outputs

The project has successfully generated contacts at Public Health England, the Disruptive Business Team at BEIS, Shell, the charity CO Gas Safety, the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology (POST), and members of the Oil & Gas All Party Parliamentary Group.

It continues to work towards a number of written outputs.

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