UCL Public Policy


Expert Engagement Small Grants

UCL Public Policy runs a small grants scheme to support work by the UCL community to enhance policy engagement and impact.

Funding available: Up to £4,000
Funding call: Now closed


The aims of the UCL Public Policy small grants scheme are:

  • To support policy-focused activity which may not otherwise occur
  • To increase opportunities for UCL researchers to engage with external policymakers and policy professionals 
  • To improve the engagement of external policymakers with UCL research 
  • To create and enhance networks between research staff and students with external policy professionals and policy-focused organisations 
  • To build UCL’s capacity for public policy engagement and encourage research staff and students at all levels to be involved 
  • To enhance UCL’s external profile amongst policymakers
  • To evaluate, learn from and share UCL’s approach to public policy engagement, internally and externally

Previous awards themes

Small Grants Scheme 2018/19

The Small Grants Scheme 2018/19 ran under two main themes:

Policy Challenges - addressing real challenges set by our partners in Local and National Government, including Trade, Justice and Community.

Expert Engagement - exploring the role of academic expertise in public discourse and engagement around policy questions.

Each offered awards of up to £4,000 per project 

Policy Challenges

  • Ben Campkin/Laura Marshall – "LGBTQ+ Spaces and Communities in Camden", Award value: £3,596
  • Georgia Pitts/Gemma Moore – "The Evaluation Exchange: Exploring the potential of a university-community partnership approach to evaluation in Camden", Award value: £4,000

Expert Engagement 

  • Dr Leonie Tanzer – "“Gender and IoT” Policy Dissemination Strategy: Raising Awareness on Internet of Things-Facilitated Tech Abuse within Policy Communities", Award value: £3,498.50
  • Saskia Sanderson – "Informing policy on secondary findings form genome sequencing in clinical practice: learning from the 100,000 Genomes project", Award value: £4,000
Small Grant Scheme 2019/20

Funding has been awarded to six projects under the UCL Public Policy's Expert Engagement Small Grants 2019/20 to support work by the UCL community to enhance policy engagement and impact. With the Small Grants Fund entering its fourth year, we have selected Six Expert Engagement projects from diverse parts of UCL including faculties of the Built Environment, Engineering Sciences, Social and Historical Sciences and Arts and Humanities.

  1. The Social Ecology of Radicalisation, £2,282: Noémie Bouhana / Sandy Schumann, UCL Department of Security and Crime Science
  2. A Global University for a Global Ocean, £850: Chris Brierley / Helen Czerski, UCL Department of Geography
  3. Heritage and State-Building in Post-conflict Iraq, £3,900: Mehiyar Kathem / Eleanor Robson, UCL Department of History
  4. Defending Women's Rights in Hostile Times, £1,000: Maxine Molyneux / Shahra Razavi / Constanza Tabbush, UCL Institute of the Americas
  5. Re-thinking Prosperity for the UK in the 21st Century: Supporting Multi-stakeholder dialogues in the North West of England, £1,900: Henrietta Moore, UCL Institute for Global Prosperity
  6. Facilitatiing Discussions: Barriers in the Management of Public Smart City Projects, £2,040: Angeliki Maria Toli / Niamh Murtagh, UCL Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management