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Step 6: Applicants under 18

Guidance for students, parents or legal guardians about students under the age of 18 on entry to UCL.

UK law views students under the age of 18 living in England as children

Higher education institutions have a statutory and moral duty of care towards all students. UCL recognises the particular need for a safeguarding culture for students who are under 18 years of age. 

UCL advocates a holistic approach to safeguarding.  
This includes: 

  • Thorough assessment and proportional management of risk, and 
  • Integration of good safeguarding practice into all activities.

Read our guidance before making a decision

We ask that you consider the following things before making a decision about your offer. 

If you or any parents or legal guardians are uncomfortable with any of the following information we recommend: 

  • you request a deferral of your application until you reach 18 years of age or, 
  • you re-apply when you are over 18.

The UCL environment is designed for adults

It is assumed that students under 18 can make decisions about their personal data.  

But, we need the same consent for students under 18 as for adults when it comes to data protection requests.

We won't share personal information with anyone unless you tell us to

UCL will not share or discuss personal information of students under 18 with any third parties (including parents or guardians).

Students must give written permission for us to share their personal information with another named person by using the Admissions contact form. 

Contact admissions using our form

You must give us required contact details

If you are under 18 years of age, you must provide contact details for: 

  • parents or legal guardians, 
  • emergency contact, and 
  • a UCL guardian (if required).

If you are made an offer to study at UCL, you will be sent an under 18 form to complete. 

You will need to complete the form with all the relevant contact details and have a UCL guardian approved by 31st August. 

Emergency contact details

You must provide full emergency contact details. 

An emergency contact can be a family member or a friend.

Students under 18 might need a UCL guardian

If you don’t have a parent or legal guardian that is resident in the UK, and in the UCL approved commutable area, you must appoint a UCL guardian.

A UCL guardian must be a member of the family or a family friend that the student knows.

Undergraduate students can't act as UCL guardians unless they are a sibling of the applicant.

The UCL commutable area

Living within the UCL commutable area means you must be able to reach the UCL main campus within 1.5 hours door to door via train, bus or car. 

AEGIS Accredited UK-based guardianship agency

If a member of the family or family friend is not available to act as UCL guardian, then UCL will only allow UK-based guardianship agencies.

Agencies are only allowed from the ‘Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students’ (AEGIS) è AEGIS UK.

Read more from AEGIS UK

UCL guardians must understand their role

A UCL guardian must be made aware of all their responsibilities by the family. 
Additionally, UCL expects the UCL guardian to:

  • understand and accept the information provided in our policy. 
  • have primary responsibility for the student’s personal supervision and welfare. 
  • supply up to date and full contact details.  
  • take the role of a first emergency contact for the student if their emergency contact is not resident within the UCL approved commutable area. 
  • respond to communication from UCL, and  
  • go with the student to induction sessions and meetings when appropriate. 
  • be a part of travel arrangements and receive the student on arrival in the UK (in the case of international students). 

UCL may contact parents, legal guardians, a UCL guardian, emergency contacts or next of kin

If a student is under the age of 18, we may contact: 

  • parents or legal guardians,  
  • a UCL guardian, and/or  
  • emergency contacts.

UCL will contact them to verify their details. We may also invite them to a meeting or induction event.

We don’t need the student’s permission beforehand.

Student Support and Wellbeing may contact a student’s next of kin when there is a concern

Sometimes the Director of Student Support and Wellbeing may decide to contact a next of kin, parent/guardian and/or emergency contact.  

They will make this decision considering: 

  • UCL’s moral responsibility and its duty of care to a student who is a child, and  
  • When there is concern about the well-being and/or safety of a student. 

Student Support and Wellbeing

The Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW) department works to support all students at UCL, including those under 18. 

Meet the team

SSW will invite students under the age of 18 (and their parents or guardians) to attend an induction session at the start of their study at UCL. Here you can meet the director of SSW and the academic department. 

A member of staff from the academic department with specific responsibility for students under 18, may arrange further sessions and follow-up meetings for students. 

Students can contact the SSW team or their academic department for information and help if they would like to.

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