Undergraduate Offer Holders


About your offer

Read more information about your offer and any conditions you might have. This page also has the general conditions of entry to UCL.

For your specific conditions of offer, please consult your offer letter in your Applicant Portal which will stipulate any academic, English Language, ATAS, or other conditions to your offer.

Information in your application

UCL bases your offer of admission on:

  • the information you submit as part of your UCAS application, and
  • any other information we requested from you. 

If any of the information you have provided proves to be incorrect or incomplete, we reserve the right to review and withdraw your offer of admission.

Deferred entry

If your offer is for deferred entry, then you must still meet any offer conditions by 31 August 2024.

If you are successful in meeting these conditions, then we will expect you to enrol in September 2025. 

You will need to submit any applications for accommodation or funding in 2025.

More information about requesting a deferral

Subjects requested

The Admissions Selector considers all the information you provide in your UCAS application. 

The offer we make is based on the range of subjects which are most relevant to your degree. 

If an A Level subject has not been included in your offer, then it cannot be used to meet your offer conditions.

UCL does not consider:

  • General Studies, 
  • Thinking Skills, 
  • Critical Thinking A Levels, or
  • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

These subjects are excluded from the requirements of any conditional offer. 

Read detailed entry requirements in our Undergraduate Prospectus

Dropping a subject

Your offer of admission is based on the subjects listed in your UCAS application. 

You must contact us if:

  • you wish to accept UCL as your Firm or Insurance choice, and
  • you intend to make any changes to the subjects you are currently studying 

This information will be considered by the Admissions Selector. 

Failure to do so may result in your offer of admission being withdrawn.

Qualifications added after your UCAS application has been submitted, either as qualification amendment or additional qualification, may not be used to meet conditions of offer.

Contact Admissions Enquiries

Meeting the conditions of your offer

All conditions in your offer letter must be met by 31 August 2024.

If you do not meet the conditions by this date your application will be made unsuccessful. 

Our final decision will be sent to UCAS and displayed on UCAS Track as well as in Portico (the UCL applicant portal).

What happens if you are ill leading up to or during the examination period?

If you are ill or have other mitigating circumstances, you should submit these to the examination board via your school. This can then be considered by the examination board.

General conditions of entry

In addition to any specific conditions, UCL’s offer of admission is also subject to the following standard conditions.

Evidence of qualifications

You must provide evidence of the qualifications that entitle you to register for the programme you have received an offer for. Evidence must be translated into English if applicable.

From May, UCL will send you details of how to provide evidence. 

Portico, the UCL Applicant Portal will detail any evidence we need you to upload. 

If you haven’t yet set up Portico, you should do this as soon as possible.

Read about how to set up Portico 

Any requested evidence must be supplied to UCL by 31 August 2024 at the latest.

Tuition fee status

By accepting this offer, you agree to pay the tuition fees rate stated on your offer letter. 

If you want to challenge UCL’s assessment, you must write to UCL via our online contact form within three months of the date of your offer letter.

Find out more about student fee status

Proficiency in the English language

An acceptable command of English is required by students to undertake their programme. 

You should check UCL’s list of acceptable English language qualifications if your offer of admission says that you must meet an English requirement.

It is your responsibility to cover any extra costs in meeting the English Language Requirement.

Under 18 form

Students who are under 18 years of age at the start of the programme, will need to complete a Under 18 form.  This is a condition of the offer.

See the Under 18 Guidance for further information about how to complete the form.

The deadline for providing a suitable guardian is 31 August.

You must have a guardian approved by UCL in place by the deadline, or your application may be deferred or made unsuccessful.

Criminal convictions 

You must inform UCL of any criminal conviction(s) between application and enrolment. You should do this via the Criminal Conviction declaration section in your UCL Applicant Portal.

Other conditions

Your behaviour

If you accept UCL’s offer of admission and then behave in a way that is liable to bring UCL into disrepute, UCL reserves the right to withdraw your offer of admission. 

This applies regardless of:

  • whether the behaviour in question occurs on UCL premises or elsewhere, and 
  • whether it involves action in person or using electronic media.

Following rules and regulations

That upon accepting an offer made to you buy UCL, you agree to abide by the present rules, regulations and statutes of UCL.

Read a summary of important rules and regulations


All students must enrol with UCL Student & Registry Services within two weeks of the start of their programme.

Details on how to enrol will be provided to offer holders who have accepted UCL as their firm choice institution and met the conditions of their offer. This also includes providing all requested evidence of their qualifications and been confirmation of a place by UCL.

Read more about the enrolment process

Withdrawal from a programme

Once you have started a programme, UCL reserves the right to withdraw you from your programme if your academic progress is unsatisfactory.