UCL Summer School


Visa information

Information on visa requirements for the UCL Summer School

Whether or not you need a visa to enroll on the UCL Summer School depends on your nationality.

  • Non-visa nationals (people who can come to the UK for up to 6 months without applying for a visa first) do not need to apply for this visa before entering the UK. All they need to do is ask for a Short-term Student visa stamp at the immigration desk when entering the UK. You can obtain this visa upon entry to the UK from any country of departure. It is still advisable to have all the necessary documents required in case you need to show them.
  • Visa nationals (people who must always apply for a visa before travelling to the UK) must apply for a Short-term Student Visitor visa before entering the UK.

Please check your status by visiting www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa

A Short-term Student Visitor visa does have some limitations, these are as follows:

  • You cannot switch into another visa category once you are in the UK. That means you must leave the UK on or before the visa expiry
  • You are not allowed to work in the UK
  • You are not covered under the NHS (National Health Service), this means you will need to make sure you have adequate medical insurance to cover your stay in the UK
  • You cannot bring dependants with you

Making your Visa application

During your online application, you will be asked whether you require a Visa Support letter. We will dispatch your Visa Support letter once your fees have been paid in full. We recommend applying for a visa at least one month before your departure date but you should always check with your local visa office as well.

When applying for your visa for the UCL Summer School, in the What qualification will you get? field, write Undergraduate credits. If you have also chosen the UCL Summer School Accommodation, the full address and the contact details of the accommodation officer can be found on your Confirmation Letter. Please note, you will not require an ATAS certificate for the UCL Summer School. For information and guidance about hot to apply for a Short-term Student visa and the documents you will need to prepare. please see our guidance document.

Students already studying in the UK

If you currently hold a valid Tier 4 visa, you are permitted to enrol on the UCL Summer School programme as supplementary study. Further information about Tier 4 supplementary study can be found on page 72 of the Tier 4 Policy Guidance.

Please note that you can take supplementary study at any time during the period of leave granted for your main programme of study, however you must make sure that studying on the UCL Summer School programme does not in any way hinder your progress on your main programme of study.

In order to enrol at UCL, you are required to present your passport and Tier 4 Biometric Residence Permit. Please note that your Tier 4 visa must be valid and must cover you for the full duration of the Summer School programme.

Tier 4 Policy Guidance