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Entry requirements

You don't need to attend AP classes to be considered by UCL, we only need your test score

You should report all AP scores on your UCAS form, along with any other relevant qualifications and classes

We will consider any APs you've studied in your last three years of high school, including your senior year

For APs taken in your senior year, we can give conditional offers. With a conditional offer, your place is confirmed once you have received the required results.  

Therefore, you can sit your exams after applying and this is absolutely fine as long as you receive your results before the August the year you start university.

When applying, you would need to give us any completed results and then a teacher/counsellor would need to predict the grades for exams not sat yet. This is what we would base a potential conditional offer on.

You might get an unconditional offer from us

If we like your application and you’ve already met the academic requirements, we may give you something called an unconditional offer. This means your place is confirmed and you don’t need to undertake any further testing.

If your school doesn't offer APs or the IB diploma, you have options

  • Self-study AP exams, you don’t have to have done the AP class
  • Attend a recognised US college full-time for a year and finish with a GPA of 3.3 or above
  • Study our Undergraduate Preparatory Certificate, a year-long programme which prepares international students for a UCL undergraduate degree who don’t have the qualifications to enter directly


We don't have an admissions rate in the same way US institutions do

Instead of using an admissions rate, we publish how many undergraduate applications we received by subject area the previous year. You can find details under the question 'What is the application to places ratio for your courses?', at the end of the Application section.

Only one of our programmes has a restriction on international student numbers

For our MBBS Medicine programme, it is a UK government requirement that only 7% of each cohort are non-UK students. Therefore, all medicine programmes in the UK can only accept a maximum of 7% overseas fee status students.

No other programmes have a quota system in this way.

See how much it costs to apply

Undergraduate applicants need to apply via UCAS, the UK’s centralised application service. UCAS is currently charging £27.50 for students to apply to 5 different programmes.

Most graduate applications cost £90 per application. You can find information about this on our Graduate application fees page.

Get information about our housing options

You can find information about our housing on our Accommodation website.

Study abroad

Lots of our programmes offer students the chance to study abroad

Find out more on our Go Abroad website.

Lots of students join us for one semester

We also have a full year option and a summer school for incoming students. You can read more on our Study Abroad pages.

We can help with your career planning

We have a dedicated Careers Service who are there to support you find your future. Find out what our most recent graduates are doing now.