UCL Population Health Sciences


About UCL Health Economics Policy Lab

The UCL Health Economics Policy Lab is a cohesive community of UCL experts who engage with key stakeholders at the local, national and global level.

Demand for the expertise of Economists specialising in health and wellbeing (Health Economists) has expanded significantly over the last decade and was starkly highlighted by the pandemic. Funders now routinely expect health economics components of most major grants evaluating health service interventions.    

In addition to our extensive expertise in economic evaluations and health technology assessment, we conduct research across the full breadth of the health economics discipline within our six research clusters. Learn more about these research clusters.

UCL Health Economics Policy Lab represents an opportunity to build a cohesive community of health economists currently scattered across different departments of the university, at the Institute for Epidemiology and Healthcare, the Department of Economics, the Department of Statistical Sciences, the Global Business School for Health and the Institute for Global Health among others. HEPL brings together UCL experts from all backgrounds to provide a basis for the continued growth and impact of the health economy.  

UCL HEPL represents an opportunity to break down the barriers that prevent governments and communities from benefiting from the best health economics research. We encourage new collaborations to foster innovative perspectives in our research and teaching. By working together with academic and non-academic actors, we hope to have a real and wider impact. Each collaboration offers a unique opportunity to engage in knowledge exchange, provide career opportunities, research collaborations, and generate innovative ideas. 

To discuss an opportunity or idea, please contact a UCL economist.