UCL Population Health Sciences


Alumni profiles

Pascal Odent

Child Health PhD (2011)

" There is every chance that what you study at UCL is just a starting point to the skills, knowledge and expertise that you later go on to develop."

Adama Fullah

Global Health and Development MSc (2016)

" The Global Health and Development MSc has shaped my thinking about issues that I encounter each day as an analyst."

Erica Pool

Intercalated BSc in International Health (2009)

" My BSc at UCL was a truly transformative experience - it changed me as a person, as well as a doctor."

Tollulah Oni

Intercalated BSc Global Health (2001)

" My intercalated year studying Global Health at UCL gave me a good grounding in public health and really inspired my interest in working clinically on diseases of global significance."