UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy


Technical Staff

Dr Paul Bartlettpaul.bartlett@ucl.ac.ukC4 U/G Lab 2Professor (Teaching). Co-Ordinator - 1st year Physics Labs 
Bernard Bristollb.bristoll@ucl.ac.ukRoom B5 U/G Lab 3Senior Teaching LaboratoryTechnicianUndergraduate Physics Labs at Gower Street
Fabrice Ducluzeauf.ducluzeau@ucl.ac.uk5P3 LCNSystem ManagerCondensed Matter and Materials Physics
John Dumperj.dumper@ucl.ac.ukF30TechnicianAstrophysics
Connor Goddenc.godden@ucl.ac.ukD15Junior Mechanical EngineerHigh Energy Physics and Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Positron Physics
Rafid Jawadrafid.jawad@ucl.ac.ukF30Electronics TechnicianAtomic, Molecular, Optical and Positron Physics
Finn Noyesf.noyes@ucl.ac.uk Mechanical Technician/Engineer Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Positron Physics
Emily Milnere.milner@ucl.ac.uk Teaching Laboratory Technician  
Erdem Motukh.motuk@ucl.ac.uk Electronics Engineer 
Miles Mufukam.mufuka@ucl.ac.uk System ManagerAtomic, Molecular, Optical and Positron Physics
Shana Sullivans.sullivan.17@ucl.ac.ukUCLOSupport TechnicianUCL Observatory
Mark Sterlingmark.sterling@ucl.ac.ukC9 U/G Lab 2TechnicianUndergraduate Physics Labs at Gower Street
Derek Thomasderek.thomas@ucl.ac.ukD4Superintendent of LaboratoriesUndergraduate Physics Labs at Gower Street
Kelvin Vinek.vine@ucl.ac.ukB5Experimental Development OfficerUndergraduate Physics Labs at Gower Street


Academic Computing Support Team

The Academic Computing Support Team (ACST) brings together the staff providing computing support for the various research and other groups in the department, and handles issues affecting the department as a whole, under the oversight of the Departmental Computing and IT Steering Group. If your group has an e-mail address listed in the table below, it is better to use this than to e-mail an individual system manager directly, as it will reach the right people even if one of is is unavailable.

Computing support contacts


Contact address

Primary computing contact

Other computing support staff

Astrophysicsj.deacon@ucl.ac.ukJohn DeaconEdd Edmondson
HEPsupport@hep.ucl.ac.ukBen WaughEdd Edmondson, Tony Hoare, Gordon Crone
AMOPPphysics-amopp-it@ucl.ac.ukMiles MufukaTony Hoare
CMMPlcn.it-support@ucl.ac.ukFabrice DucluzeauFabrizio Sidoli
BioPphysics-biop-it@ucl.ac.ukMiles Mufuka 
Professional servicest.hoare@ucl.ac.ukTony HoareFahad Ihsan
Teaching labsf.ihsan@ucl.ac.ukFahad Ihsan 
Asteroids clusterphy.asteroids.support@ucl.ac.ukFahad Ihsan 
University of London Observatory (ULO)t.schlichter@ucl.ac.uk
Thomas SchlichterShana Sullivan