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Dr David Tovee

Dr David Tovee

My research career has encompassed a range of topics in intermediate and high-energy particle physics. It began with studies of the masses and lifetimes of charged kaons and hyperons progressing to work on their interactions with helium and carbon nuclei and hypernuclei physics. I then moved into searches and observations of the decays of charmed and beauty particles. This was followed by studies of the interactions of 200 GeV/nucleon O and S ions. These experiments have been carried out using nuclear photographic emulsion, hydrogen and helium bubble chambers and various emulsion-electronic-counter hybrid techniques.

Currently I'm loosely involved with MINOS - a long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. The aim is to investigate if neutrinos have mass by detecting a flavour change of a beam of neutrinos between its origin in Fermilab, Illinois and its interaction, 720km away, in the MINOS detector in the Soudan mine in Minnesota.

Over the years I have taught undergraduate courses on electromagnetic theory, atomic, molecular and nuclear physics, and quantum mechanics.