Knowledge Transfer

Research-intensive University departments, of which UCL Physics and Astronomy is one, are constantly on the look-out for applications of their existing expertise and for new and challenging problems. Knowledge Transfer is the umbrella under which we disseminate our research, in ways which encompass standard routes in the scientific community such as publications and conferences, as well as consultancy work and large-scale collaborative programs with industry. We aim to develop lasting partnerships with industry, business, government and the public sector. Practical applications of our research can contribute to the economic competitiveness of the UK, to the effectiveness of public services and policy, and to the quality of the environment. Examples include:

  • EPSRC Industrial CASE PhD Studentship with BOC: Ammonia as a Solvent for Nanotechnology (Neal Skipper)
  • NERC Industrial CASE PhD Studentship with Schlumberger Cambridge Research: Asphaltene aggregation in the presence of clay surfaces (Neal Skipper)
  • EPSRC EngD Studentship with CCLRC: Nanostructuring of hydrogen storage materials (Neal Skipper)
  • Industrial CASE studentship with CDT (Cambridge Display Technology) 2001-2004 (Student: Vladimir Bodrozic) (Franco Cacialli)
  • EPSRC Industrial CASE PhD Studentship with UKAEA (Culham): Including electronic effects in radiation damage simulations of fusion materials (Dorothy Duffy)
  • EPSRC EngD Studentship with Sematech (USA): Modelling of the atomic processes in gate oxides responsible for breakdown in CMOS devices (Alexander Shluger)

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