Person Environment Activity Research Laboratory


Industries: How PEARL can help you

Find out how PEARL is supporting industries through innovative enterprise and research.

​Real-world Research

PEARL supports industries by applying our human-environment re- search to real-world scenarios. Our research is as complex as human interactions themselves, ranging from the built environment (architecture, engineering, planning), to the health sciences (neuroscience, psychology, physiology) and social sciences. We then apply these various strands of knowledge to industry to determine how to make products and processes work better for society as a whole. If you are wondering whether your product needs to evolve, be reconfigured, or potentially be replaced, we are here to advise.

Simulating future impact

Our ability to simulate life-scale environments means that we can test the impact of your design proposal before you make your mark on the world. Whether it is a piece of architecture or engineering, or simply a new way of doing things, we can simulate potential user interactions so that you make it the best you can for future users.​

Showcasing to the world

PEARL can also help you make the impact you deserve by demonstrating it to the world, whether it be to stakeholders, the general public or future clients and potential investors. Our laboratory-come-theatre space not only provides you with the space to display it, but the possibility to create a more realistic environment in which to showcase its operation, including lights, sounds and smells.​

Supporting innovative enterprise

We can also arrange access to PEARL for suitable start-ups and innovative enterprises working in the people-environment sphere. This can enable you to demonstrate your great ideas and test your work for clients. Get in touch if you think we can help you grow.

Types of Industry Projects

See our Projects page to discover some examples of our work.