Person Environment Activity Research Laboratory


How we work

PEARL is a dynamic, integrated and interdisciplinary organisation of Researchers, Academics, Makers, Producers, Enablers and Students, who together make an important contribution to the study of People-and-Environment interactions.

Furthermore, we collaborate with an extensive network of Governments, Communities and Industries.

Our organisational structure can thus be likened to that of an Atom: we are more than the sum of our individual parts, as we all work together towards the creation of a better world.

Atom diagram

Everybody working in PEARL contributes to our mission for a better world and we recognise that none of us can achieve that on our own. We are a highly-skilled team of people whose contributions are all valued equally:

1. Academics

While extremely talented in their own right, our Academics hold an appreciation for “other” disciplines and are always seeking to expand their own ‘disciplines’.

2. Researchers

Our innovative Researchers are just as curious about other disciplines as they are their own. They will have contracts that are not tied to specific research grants to allow them the flexibility to work on multiple experiments and projects at a time.

3. Making and Production team

Our Making and Production team are highly skilled in designing and constructing experiment environments, including simulating the perfect sound, smell or lighting conditions. They also assist in the manufacturing of innovative prototypes and provide much needed IT support for a range of technological software and hardware. 

4. Enabling team

Our Enabling staff are vital to making all things happen at PEARL. As such, they will form an integral part of the research and experiment teams, so that they have a full understanding of what is needed in a project in order to support the work involved.

While the roles at PEARL are varied, everyone is encouraged and supported to gain further education, training and qualifications to expand their repertoire, and due recognition will be given in the interpretation of appointment and promotion criteria. Multidisciplinary publishing opportunities will be created to enable PEARL project outcomes to be disseminated in the most suitable ways to the appropriate audiences.

If you are interested in working at PEARL, then please consult the available positions listed on our 'Work with us' page and the Background Information Document (pdf) to find out more about what it would be like to work with us and how you could contribute to our vision.