Person Environment Activity Research Laboratory



Our approach is problem-based, transdisciplinary, transformative and integrative:

1.    Problem-based: We look at the issue first, before determining what is needed to address it.  
2.    Transdisciplinary: What is needed is usually transdisciplinary in nature, and we draw on a combination of scientific, artistic, engineering, humanitarian, and philosophical approaches in order to understand it.  
3.    Transformative: By working in a transdisciplinary way, ‘disciplines’ start to transform each other. 
4.    Integrative: The objective of our problem-based, transdisciplinary and transformational approach is to understand the environment – including people - in a more holistic manner, resulting in the greater integration of people and the environment.

​The following diagram describes the holistic and integrative nature of PEARL.

PEARL is... A diagram exploring the multifaceted nature of PEARL by S.Adhitya (c 2020)