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Governments: How PEARL can help you

Find out how PEARL is helping government through different projects and innovative ideas.

Improving the quality of regulations

PEARL can help improve the quality, rather than quantity, of your regulations. By studying regulations and their application in the environment, we can determine better how to achieve the objectives intended by them and make it easier for people to comply with them.

​Demonstrating regulations

PEARL can also demonstrate the implications of regulations and their implementation in the environment to all stakeholders, including regulators, police, health professionals, planners, designers, the general public and manufacturers. We can make the implications of different approaches evident and easily understandable, allowing their comparison. This will aid the development of regulations, shortening the time needed as well as improving their overall quality.

​Testing innovative design ideas

PEARL can allow particular schemes to be tested, for example in relation to noise, visual intrusion, capacity etc. by example, so that poor designs can be tested and eliminated, and good designs honed to work well with the people they will affect. In this way PEARL can support greater innovation - but with the assurance of testing ideas with people from an early stage in their generation.

​Simulating training programmes

PEARL can help train people for particular processes using our ability to simulate different real-life environments, such as a courtroom environment in order to train the legal profession, including judges and jurors. The ability to build according to specification allows us not only to cater for any jurisdication, but to also test new courtroom designs. We can also demonstrate noise or visual phenomena in evidence (e.g. to help explain issues arising from planning inquiries).​

Types of Government Projects

See our Projects page to discover some ways in which we have helped Government.