Person Environment Activity Research Laboratory


Communities: How PEARL can help you

PEARL is involved in a range of community projects

Engaging Communities

PEARL can help reach all members of your community through interactive urban interventions and public participatory workshops.

Everyone is Welcome

Local residents are welcome to come and chat with the PEARL team about the challenges they face when moving around the urban environment – so that we can learn about these and include them in our research programmes. The community can become involved in the research programme and its experiments.

Designing Places for People

PEARL can help with the design of urban infrastructure – streets, trains, stations, public spaces etc. - to make it work better for all members of the community, from small children to the elderly.

Leading Innovative Education

PEARL can provide an exciting insight into engineering and re- search for schools, informing class-room and extra-curricular activities such as after-school clubs and saturday schools.

Inspiring Community Arts Projects

PEARL offers a fully-equipped performance/rehearsal space for your next community arts project, whether theatrical, musical or dance.

The possibilities are endless...

Community is at the heart of PEARL, so if you have anything from an unheard complaint you think we may be able to assist with, or an exciting new idea on how to solve it, get in touch!​

A Range of Community Projects

Explore our Projects page to see some examples of our work.

For more information on how PEARL can help your community, visit our Community Hub at www.pearl.place