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Open Education at UCL

Open Science maximises the potential of research and education outputs by allowing researchers to reuse and repurpose outputs in novel and innovative ways. Open education specifically applies to the products and outputs of teaching and training, including work by students.

Sharing and showcasing our educational output


Screenshot of the UCL OER repository

OpenEd@UCL is the institutional repository for uploading, publishing, storing, and sharing OER.

The Open Education repository is currently being developed as a joint project between ISD and UCL Library Services. It supports key agendas such as the Connected Curriculum and Open Science by enabling colleagues to disseminate educational practice which will raise the profile of their teaching inside UCL and externally.

Open educational resources

OER examples. See image credits page for full list of image credits and attributions.

Everything you need to know about OER

What's new?

Survey: Open Education in European Libraries of Higher Education 

SPARC Europe together with the European Open Education Librarian Network is seeking to gain insights into Open Education (OE) practices within academic libraries in Europe. Your input is necessary if we are to gain an accurate picture of OE in libraries of Higher Education.

The ultimate goal is to use what we learn to strengthen OE and Open Education Resources (OER) in higher education institutions and their libraries across Europe.

Academic libraries are natural partners in this endeavour, considering the prominent role you have played in advancing Open, developing Open Access, Scholarship and Open Science policies and practices. 

Our hope? To see this same level of commitment to Open Education in years to come.

We believe an important first step in this direction is to gain a firm understanding of the current landscape of Open Education in libraries, which this survey should provide. We look forward to sharing survey results in the first quarter of 2020.

If you have any questions, please let us know at oer@sparceurope.org. Otherwise, you can begin the survey here.

The survey deadline is Friday, 20 Dec 2019.