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OpenEd@UCL is the institutional repository for uploading, publishing, storing, and sharing OER.

The Open Education repository is currently being developed as a joint project between ISD and UCL Library Services. It supports key agendas such as the Connected Curriculum and Open Science by enabling colleagues to disseminate educational practice which will raise the profile of their teaching inside UCL and externally.

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OER examples. See image credits page for full list of image credits and attributions.

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Reuse and adapt materials from the Development and Planning in African Cities free online course.

The course is presented by the Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC), a partnership between the UCL Bartlett Development Planning Unit and the Institute of Geography and Development Studies at Njala University. Course steps span content, discussion activities, and assessments, and can be reused under the CC BY-NC 4.0 licence. Image rights lie with UCL SLURC.