Open education


Case studies

The following case studies demonstrate how UCL staff use open educational practices to enhance teaching and learning.

These include:

  • Supporting students in the creation of OERs in the form of assessed work, i.e. videos, blogs, websites, etc.
  • Creating outward-facing work by publishing through the OpenEd@UCL repository, using Medicentral, YouTube or another video platform, or even other platforms like electronic portfolios, blogs, etc.
  • Using OER to improve teaching, for example, using open source software or reusing existing OER from elsewhere to improve the student learning experience

Please get in touch if you are part of the UCL community and would like to contribute a case study through the UCL Open Education project or the UCL Teaching and Learning portal.

Medical Science students use UCL Reflect to create scientific blogs for assessment

Dr Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez
Dr Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez explains the potential of UCL’s new blogging platform for novel assessments.

13 May 2019


Nephtali Marina-Gonzales talks about how he has used Reflect (video - 5 mins)

Still of UCL reflect video
Dr Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez talks about using the UCL Reflect blogging service as a reflective tool for the cardiovascular physiology module, which also acts as a showcase portfolio for students.
9 May 2019

Anson Mackay talks about how blogging has benefited his students (video - 6 mins)

Still of UCL reflect video
Professor Anson W. Mackay talks about introducing blogging into teaching as a form of assessment. 
9 May 2019

Dr Rikke Duus
Preparing students for the workplace: why I introduced digital assessments

Dr Rikke Duus, UCL School of Management, explains how she challenged traditional assessment design in response to an increasingly tech-driven world.
30 November 2018

Still of people on a video conference
Alumni and postgraduate students working together on dissertation and research topic decisions

Dr Cosette Crisan from the IOE explains how they are actively encouraging current students and alumni to work together in order to enhance their educational provision.
15 November 2018

My route to Principal Teaching Fellow: Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez

Dr Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez
Dr Neph Marina-Gonzalez talks about research-based education, his approach to teaching applied medical sciences and the UCL Academic Career Framework
16 October 2018

Case study image
Novel assessment on anatomy module inspires reconfiguration of assessment on entire programme 

New type of assessment improves student satisfaction, and leads to outward-facing assessment outputs in all first year modules. 
26 September 2018

Carl Gombrich
My route to Professorial Teaching Fellow

Carl Gombrich on interdisciplinarity, the rewards of teaching and the Academic Careers Framework.
26 September 2018

Case study image
A hybrid teaching approach transforms the functional anatomy module 

An undergraduate module with poor student satisfaction has been turned around by a novel hybrid teaching method, says Dr Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez. 
26 September 2018

Two students working in a lab
Peer instruction transforms the medical science classroom

Improved academic performance, engagement and attendance come out of peer instruction, where students discuss difficult concepts with their peers and interact with the whole class.
26 September 2018

Still of people on a video conference
Assessing internship experiences via video blogs (vlogs)

Students are asked to reflect on their experiences and the connections between knowledge they have acquired at UCL and their internship role as part of their assessment
15 February 2018

Case Studies Archive

Case study image
Assignment connects management students with real-world challenges around behaviour change

In creating campaigns around HIV/AIDS treatment for young people, teams of first year undergraduates drew on theory and practice to connect with the world 
20 November 2017

Case study image
Building a Connected Curriculum through creating film and access to archives

Luke Olsen (Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture) explains activities he is facilitating to build an enhanced Connected Curriculum within his department.
15 May 2017

Case study image
Using video in an online module to encourage students to engage with research and theory

An online course is helping students to engage critically with the theory and research by using video. Dr Cosette Crisan (Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment, IOE) explains.
9 February 2017

Case study image
Students as science communicators and film makers

Students produced a short video based on research which was then shown in at a department-wide screening. Dr Laura McKemmish explains.
13 July 2016

Case study image
Second-year UCL students tutor sixth formers in maths

UCL has built on its partnership with Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (NCS) through the development of a tutorial scheme with the mathematics department.
27 April 2016

Case study image
Using museum artwork to teach cardiac anatomy

George Richards (UCL Public and Cultural Engagement) shares what happened when students learned about the heart through two watercolours painted by a UCL professor of surgery and artist.
24 February 2016

Case study image
Connected Curriculum and blended learning: MSc in Paediatric Dentistry

This three year blended learning MSc adopts several different teaching methods to reflect the Connected Curriculum. Dr Susan Parekh and Dr Paul Ashley (UCL Eastman Dental Institute) explain.
10 February 2016

Case study image
"Dude, where's our data?"

For Professor Geraint Thomas (UCL Cell & Developmental Biology), this classmate exchange succinctly captures the essence of project work and for many second year students, unfamiliar territory.
14 October 2015

Case study image
Making and using video for teaching: Dr John Potter's tips and advice

Dr John Potter (IOE) talks about the value of learners being creators of media as well as consumers as it helps “bring subject matter alive and increases engagement”.
7 September 2015

Case study image
Communicating knowledge through collections and objects

‘Object Lessons’ is a second year core module on the BASc Arts and Sciences undergraduate degree programme at UCL.
14 August 2015

Case study image
Research-based blogging: developing students' skills

Dr Kerstin Sailer (UCL Bartlett School of Architecture) discusses how her students have benefitted from hands-on teaching and learning by visiting specific buildings and writing a weekly blog.
23 June 2015

Case study image
Teaching translation through editing Wikipedia

Co-organiser Dr Mira Vogel discusses the success of a recent Wikipedia-editing workshop.
22 June 2015

Case study image
Helping students to license the online products of their assessed work

What happened when staff on one module encouraged students to openly license the online products of their assessed group work? Dr Mira Vogel (E-learning Environments) reports.
15 June 2015

Case study image
Using rare books and archives to support the Connected Curriculum

Dr Tabitha Tuckett (UCL Library Services) explains how undergraduates can establish research skills through studying rare books and manuscripts.
19 May 2015

Case study image
Developing video and online guides for teaching computer aided design

Dr Tim Baker (Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL Mechanical Engineering) works with first year undergraduates to develop a ‘one stop’ online resource where students can learn vital practical industry skills.
18 May 2015

Case study image
Making history with iPads, peer assessment and MyPortfolio

Dr Paul Walker (UCL Arena Centre), and Dr Zubin Mistry, UCL History, presented attendees at the UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014 with a pioneering first-year undergraduate history module.
22 August 2014

Case study image
Dr Elisabete Cidre sees her students as partners

Provost’s Teaching Award winner Dr Elisabete Cidre invited post-graduate students to create online resources for undergraduates.
1 July 2014

Case study image
Peer-assisted learning in the UCL Medical School

Clinical Teaching Fellow Dr Kaz Iwata talks about the Medical School’s peer-assisted learning scheme.
16 June 2014

Case study image
Using anatomical drawings to help teach Shakespeare

Dr Chris Laoutaris, from the Department of English Language and Literature, explains how he used the UCL Art Museum to help his students understand Shakespeare plays.
9 August 2013

Case study image
Learning to make connections in pharmacy using Mediawiki

David West and Andrew Wilderspin from the School of Pharmacy explain the Provost's Teaching Award-winning Integrated Therapeutics Project, in which wikis are used to teach students integration.
7 August 2013