National Surveillance of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood



National surveillance of obstetric and paediatric HIV infection carried out by the NSHPC for Public Health England with Regulation 3 approval

ISOSS/NSHPC Lead:Prof. Claire Thorne
Surveillance Manager:Helen Peters
Regulation 3 Approval:

Patient data is collected under legal permissions granted to PHE under Regulation 3 of The Health Service (Control of Patient Information) Regulations 2002.  PHE has permission from Parliament to collect this data without the need to seek consent from individual patients.

The service also conforms to the requirements of the Data Protection Act (2018).

Data Protection Reg. No:Z6364106 Section 19
IG Toolkit/CAG: 

ODS/Organisation Code: EE133902-SLMS, Published and reviewed on 5th June 2019 

Confidentiality Advisory Group [(CAG) Ref: 15/CAG/0190 (previously 15/CAG/0253)

Patient objection to use of data for research purposes

We collect some personal data items in the NSHPC - this includes NHS number and date of birth, but we do not collect names or addresses. If you are a pregnant woman with HIV and you object to your personal data being used for research purposes, you can let us know (see below) and we will flag your record in the study database, in order to exclude your data from analyses carried out for research. Please note that as the NSHPC carries out surveillance activities for Public Health England under Regulation 3 of the Health Service (Control of Patient Information), it will not be possible to remove your record from our database. To register your objection, you can let someone in your antenatal or HIV team (e.g. the antenatal screening coordinator or your HIV physician) know about your objection and ask them to contact us on your behalf.

Additional information

The British HIV Association and the Children's HIV Association support reporting of all eligible cases to the NSHPC.