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Why is One Professional Services (One PS) so important in 2020?

9 January 2020

Fiona Ryland, UCL Chief Operating Officer, reflects on what we’ve achieved as One PS so far and looks forward to further collaboration in 2020.

Photo of Fiona Ryland, UCL Chief Operating Officer

Welcome back from what I hope was an enjoyable and restful festive season. 

I have spent much of my first year as Chief Operating Officer talking to colleagues across UCL about the challenges and opportunities they experience in their roles. And, as a result of these conversations, we developed and launched ‘One Professional Services’ (One PS) in 2019. 

One PS is an initiative that aims to bring together all of our professional services staff from every part of UCL, with the view that together we can; create stronger connections with each other, improve how we work and consider more collaborative solutions.

One PS so far

In 2019, we started to work more collaboratively and make improvements to the way we get things done.

Through talking to colleagues across UCL, I have been able to actively focus on, and prioritise, challenges that are felt most frequently across the institution including Research Support and timetabling. In my role as co-sponsor of the Transforming Our Professional Services (TOPS) programme, I have asked the team to prioritise our main challenges and accelerate progress in these areas.

In 2019 One PS saw over 600 colleagues attend the One PS Conference, 60 submissions sent to the Improvement Board, new approaches to inducting and recognising staff launched and our Communities of Practice grow to 18 communities with approximately 1,500 members.   

One PS will continue to be important in 2020

In 2020, we will build upon the momentum we have already made. 

I strongly believe that One PS will set us apart from other institutions by creating a culture where we support each other, identify opportunities for development, strive to improve the way we get things done and harness the significant potential of our great people. I hope, in turn, this will support our ability to attract and retain talented staff and ambitious students. 

This is why I will continue to champion One PS in 2020 and I encourage you to join me and get involved in One PS. 

We would also like to hear from you if you think there is more we can do to be One PS, please get in contact at OnePS@ucl.ac.uk. 

Fiona Ryland, UCL Chief Operating Officer