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Congratulations to the 2019 Professional Services Award winners

4 July 2019

On Monday 24 June, we celebrated the amazing people who are contributing to the success of UCL at the 2019 Professional Services Conference.

UCL Professional Service Conference award winner 2019

This year the awards panel heard over 200 stories about people who demonstrate integrity, outstanding service and commitment to UCL, about teams striving towards UCL’s future and about the incredible things people are doing beyond the boundaries of the institutes and departments of UCL.

This year’s winners were:

  • Laura Tomson, Wing-Chau Tung and Orla O'Donnell - Ways of Working, Personal Excellence Award
  • The TEF Subject-level Pilot team - Ways of Working, Working Together Award
  • Nadine Mogford - Ways of Working, Outstanding Individual Contribution to Achieving Our Mission
  • The Welcome to UCL app team - Ways of Working, Outstanding Team Contribution to Achieving Our Mission
  • Samantha Baker - Community Spirit Award
  • Maks Ivkins, Madiha Sajid and Maria Coker (pictured) - Outstanding Contribution to Staff Experience
  • Kevin Argent - Leadership Award for Outstanding Contribution
Some of this year's winners, told us how they felt about receiving their awards.

"I am ecstatic to have won an award this year and be recognised and valued for my contribution at UCL. I will continue to share what I’ve learnt and demonstrate core values, such as respecting and supporting each other, to make UCL a great place to work."  Wing-Chau Tung.

"I was very touched that people within my department took the time to nominate me, and I felt very humbled to have won. When you volunteer, you really don’t expect any type of recognition, so to receive this award from my workplace is very special." Samantha Baker.

“The award is also an acknowledgement of the fact that our time and energy which goes into running support networks is important to UCL. It is very humbling yet very rewarding at the same time." Madiha Sajid.

Find out more about this winners and see who was shortlisted for an award at https://www.ucl.ac.uk/professional-services/ucl-professional-services-awards/2019-winners-and-shortlisted-nominees

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The Professional Services Awards have traditionally been held at the annual Professional Services Conference. But we shouldn’t wait for an annual award ceremony to prompt us to show our appreciation for the amazing work that is being done across UCL professional services each day.
To ensure that staff are celebrated all year round the nominations for awards will be open throughout the year and we will find new ways to thank staff with more award ceremonies held at appropriate occasions.

Nominate someone for an award

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Many of us have ideas about things that could be improved, or ideas that could be introduced to make UCL’s professional services even more effective, or make UCL even better! During this session at the conference, we invited colleagues to pitch their ideas for improvements or innovation to a panel and the audience.

Read more about the conference and see a gallery of photos from the day - https://www.ucl.ac.uk/professional-services/professional-services-conference-2019