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UCL Human Resources: UCL overtime policy and policy on smoking updated

30 April 2015

Further to feedback from staff on ease of accessing information, the UCL Human Resources Policy Team is pleased to share the

Quad ucl.ac.uk/hr/docs/overtime.php">UCL Overtime Policy now available as a standalone document in our A-Z Employment Policies.

The content of this policy is not new; we have simply combined existing information on the current position into one short document which we hope will provide ease of use to those who need to refer to it.

UCL policy on smoking update

Due to recent advances in technology and the increase in the numbers of people using electronic cigarettes, the Human Resources Policy Team has updated the UCL Policy on Smoking.

Staff are reminded that smoking, vaping or being in possession of lit cigarettes, cigars or pipes is not permitted in any premises occupied or utilised by UCL staff, students and visitors and for the comfort of all, staff are also asked not to smoke/vape immediately outside the entrances or open windows of any such premises.

Staff who wish to stop smoking are encouraged to access additional information and support through UCL Occupational Health Services; http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/occ_health/promotions/stop_smoking.php

Fiona Daffern, Head of Employment Policy Development, Human Resources Division