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No Smoking Policy

1. Introduction
  1.1 This Policy aims
    1.1.1 to promote a safe and healthy working environment for UCL staff, students and visitors;
    1.1.2 to support UCL staff and students who wish to give up smoking.
2. Legislative background
  2.1 Section 2(2)(e) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places a duty on employers to provide a safe working environment.
  2.2 From 1 July 2007 the Health Act 2006 prohibits smoking (smoking or being in the possession of lit tobacco, anything containing tobacco or any other substance) in all public premises including workplaces and vehicles.
3. UCL arrangements
  3.1 From January 2007 additional assistance has been provided to UCL staff and students who wish to give up smoking: Reasonable requests from staff for time to attend smoking cessation groups will be treated sympathetically.
  3.2 From 1 July 2007 UCL is a smoke free workplace.  This means that
    3.2.1 smoking or being in possession of lit cigarettes, cigars or pipes is not permitted in any premises occupied or utilised by UCL staff, students and visitors, or in UCL vehicles.
    3.2.2 smoking is not permitted immediately outside the entrances or open windows of any such premises.
    3.2.3 staff who wish to smoke during the working day may be permitted reasonable breaks, in agreement with their line manager, provided these do not prevent them from satisfactorily carrying out their responsibilities and work duties. Work time lost to breaks unrelated to work activity should be made up as necessary; this applies equally to smokers and non-smokers.
  3.3 Student bedrooms in halls of residence and the residential accommodation allocated for use by live-in members of staff do not constitute workplaces.
4. Signage
  4.1 It is UCL policy to make sure that no-smoking signs, complying with the requirements of the regulations under the Health Act 2006, are displayed on its premises and vehicles.
5. Implementation and review
  5.1 This policy is intended to benefit all staff, students and visitors, and all members of the UCL community are responsible for its continued implementation.
  5.2 Smoking on work premises or in UCL vehicles will be an offence under the Health Act 2006. In the unlikely event that a member of the UCL community does not comply with the policy, disciplinary action will be taken.
  5.3 UCL managers are responsible for monitoring the implementation of the policy. The Health and Safety Management Team is responsible for Policy reviews.

Marilyn Gallyer
Vice-Provost (Administration)

June 2007