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Reducing risk of stress at work

4 November 2009

Thursday 4 November is

National Stress Awareness Day isma.org.uk/national-stress-awareness-day" target="_self">National Stress Awareness Day 2009, and this year's theme is 'Stressing the Positives'.

UCL's approach to reducing the risk of stress at work

There is a legal obligation for organisations to reduce the risk of stress at work, but it also makes good business sense to ensure that staff are happy and productive. Every member of staff has a responsibility to contribute to UCL's success in this area.

At UCL the Stress, Resilience and Well-being (STRaW) sub-group of the Health and Safety Management Team includes representatives of staff and managers at UCL. Its purpose is to monitor the effectiveness of UCL's Managing Stress at Work Policy through the review of data that reflects UCL's organisational health.

The group makes proposals to the Health and Safety Management team and contributes to developing tools that can assist in building resilience and working effectively at times of pressure.

Tools to help build resilience and effective working at times of pressure

1. Managing Pressure and Avoiding Stress

This explains the difference between pressure and stress, and explains what you should do if you or someone you manage have feelings of stress. There is also a useful tool for managers that shows both positive and negative manager behaviours.  You can even do a self-assessment to see where you are doing well and areas you might wish to develop. There are also ideas on sources of support and links to guidance on how we can all work together to prevent stress at work.

2. Resilience and High Performance

Here you can learn how to get better balance in your life through:

3. Moodgym

Moodgym is a computerised cognitive behaviour therapy programme that can assist in preventing the risk of anxiety and depression. It can also provide useful tips on how to challenge negative self-talk.

4. Employee Assistance Programme

The programme provides free confidential advice 24 hours a day to UCL staff and their families that supports the theme of 'Stressing the Positives'.

Find out more about UCL's Occupational Health Service.