2022 Intro to Neuropixels course

An online introductory course to Neuropixels, 19 October 2022

A 4-shank Neuropixels 2.0 probe

Neuropixels probes are transforming neurophysiology, and are now adopted by hundreds of laboratories worldwide. This introductory course trains scientists to use these probes in acute and chronic experiments, and to process their output using Kilosort and Phy. A longer version of the course was held in 2021 (see that page for links to the videos). The course is supported by the Wellcome Trust and was held online on 19 October (3:30 pm to 8:30 pm UK time). The lectures can be seen in our YouTube channel. Click on the titles to see the individual lectures.


    Advisory Board


    1. Introduction to Neuropixels (video | slides) - Matteo Carandini (UCL) 
    2. The technology in Neuropixels (video | slides) - Carolina Mora Lopez (imec)
    3. Planning a Neuropixels trajectory (video | slides) - Andrew Peters (Oxford), Dan Birman (UW), and Pearl Saldanha (NTNU)
    4. Recording hardware and software (video | slides) - Julie Fabre (UCL) and Josh Siegle (Allen Institute)
    5. Acute recording with Neuropixels (video | slides) - Severine Durand (Allen) and Karolina Socha (UCL)
    6. Chronic recording with Neuropixels (video | slides) - Celian Bimbard (UCL) and Marius Bauza (UCL)
    7. Spike sorting (video | slides) - Alessio Buccino (Allen Institute)
    8. Curating with Phy and quality metrics (video | slides) - Julie Fabre (UCL), Noam Roth (UW), Alessio Buccino (Allen Institute)
    9. Aligning spikes to histology (video  | slides) - Mayo Faulkner (IBL), Adam Tyson (UCL), and Pearl Saldanha (NTNU)
    10. Analysis tools and approaches (video) - Maxime Beau (UCL) and Peter Petersen (Copenhagen) 
    11. Neuropixels and optogenetics (video | slides) - Karolina Socha (UCL) and Maxime Beau (UCL)