2021 Neuropixels course

An online course from University College London, 18-20 October 2021

A 4-shank Neuropixels 2.0 probe

Neuropixels probes are transforming neurophysiology, and are now adopted by hundreds of laboratories worldwide. This course trains scientists to use these probes in acute and chronic experiments, and to process their output using Kilosort and Phy. The course was supported by the Wellcome Trust and held online on 18-20 October. 


Teaching assistants

  • Flora Takacs (UCL)
  • Julie Fabre (UCL)
  • Max Shinn (UCL)
  • Zhiwen Ye (UW)


We were delighted to welcome over 250 participants from  37 countries. Here is a map of the institutions where they study and/or work:

Participants in the UCL Neuropixels course 2021


                        Videos of the lectures are in our YouTube channel. Clicking on the title below will bring you to the relevant video. For instructions on how to install software for the homework assignments, please click here

                        Day 1 

                        Day 2 

                        Day 3