2018 Neuropixels course

University College London -- 23-25 April 2018


Neuropixels probes are poised to transform neurophysiology. They have close to 1,000 sites closely spaced on a 1 cm shank, and allow recordings of up to 500 neurons per electrode. They are scheduled to be available to the public at cost in mid 2018. 

In preparation for this release, this practical course aimed to train students and postdocs, from a wide array of laboratories, to use the Neuropixels probes and to spike sort using Kilosort and Phy

This course is funded by the Wellcome Trust and generously supported by the Sainsbury-Wellcome Centre.  



Teaching assistants

  • Marius Bauza
  • Maxime Beau
  • Susu Chen
  • George Dimitriadis
  • Dimitar Kostadinov
  • Stephen Lenzi
  • Andre Marques-Smith
  • Andrew Peters
  • Sylvia Schroeder

Demo labs


                        Day 1
                        • Science with large recordings
                        • Introduction to Neuropixels
                        • CMOS circuitry in Neuropixels
                        • Plan an experiment for the next day
                        Day 2
                        • Morning: Chronic experiment.
                        • Afternoon: Acute experiment. 
                        Day 3
                        • Installing and using Kilosort and Phy to spike sort
                        • Analyze the data acquired on Day 2
                        • Analyze ground-truth data
                        • Project presentations


                        Some pictures from the last course are available here.