Natural Sciences degrees


Transfer from another degree

Transfer into Natural Sciences from another degree programme depends upon whether you are able to satisfy the entrance requirements for the course; that a place is available on it; and it is practical for you to complete the new course satisfactorily.  Entrance is conditional, and at the discretion of the Admissions Tutor for the Natural Sciences degree programmes.

Natural Sciences is a rigorous and demanding degree programme which requires a high level of academic and organisational skills.  Because of the stream structure of the Natural Sciences programme, transfer into the programme after the second Friday of teaching in the first term of the first year is not allowed. 

Students who have completed one year on another degree programme and then wish to transfer into the 1st year of Natural Sciences, will be expected to have a minimum of two science A-Levels at grade A and would also normally be expected to pass the year of the degree programme in which they are currently enrolled with a mark of at least 60%.

Because of the structure of the Natural Sciences degree, transfer into the programme as a second year direct entry is not possible.

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