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Changes to your Registration Status

You should first discuss any changes in registration with your Personal Tutor/ Postgraduate tutor/Supervisor in your department. The department will discuss your options with you and help you make the right decision.

Applications must be made in advance of the effective date of change. Retrospective changes of more than one month back will NOT be approved.

You must read the Academic Regulations before making requests to any changes to your academic record.

Postgraduate students should also refer to the Handbook & Codes of Practice for Graduate Students.

Withdrawal of Study

This is for students who intend to leave their degree programme prior to completing their final examinations. Once withdrawn, you cannot return to the programme at a later date.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate students

In order to withdraw from your studies you must login to your PORTICO account and complete the online application under the 'C2RS Home' menu.

Research Students

In order to withdraw, your supervisor must email Student Records confirming the effective date and reason for withdrawal.

Interruption of Study

This is for students who require taking a temporary break from their studies and plan to resume their studies at a future date.

Students interrupting their studies due to health and wellbeing issues

You will be required to provide assurance that your studies will not be detrimental to your health or your health to your studies before re-enrolment can be permitted. This will include attending a welfare appointment with the Director of Student Support and Wellbeing, providing medical evidence to indicate that you are well enough to live and work in a university environment (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/current-students/support/wellbeing/medical-evidence-guidance) and in some cases signing a Student Learning Agreement (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/academic-manual/part-3/barring-students-examinations).

The Student Support and Wellbeing team will contact you shortly before you are due to return from interruption to provide you with further information and to arrange a welfare appointment with you. If you have any queries you please email student.wellbeing@ucl.ac.uk.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Students

(i) Applications for repeat interruptions or those in excess of one calendar year will be require the approval of the Dean of Students (Academic), in addition to that of the Department and Faculty.

(ii) Modular/Flexible programmes cannot be interrupted.

In order to interrupt your studies you must login to your PORTICO account and complete the application form available to download under the 'C2RS Home' menu .

Research Students

(i) Funded research students should refer to the Research Studentships webpage for information.  This includes information on interruptions specifically for maternity, paternity and shared parental leave.

In order to apply, your supervisor must email Student Records confirming the effective date of interruption, expected date of return and reason for interruption.

Change of Degree Programme

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Students

Guidance Notes

  • Transfer from your original degree programme to another cannot be guaranteed. You must be able to satisfy the entrance requirements for your proposed new degree programme; a place must be available on it; and it must be practical for you to complete the new degree programme satisfactorily.
  • You will not be eligible for consideration for the award of a degree until you have completed the prescribed period of study required and satisfied the examiners in the requisite number of course-units for your new degree programme as specified in the UCL Regulations for students.
  • If you hold a Tier 4 visa, your change of programme and amended end date (if appropriate) will be reported to the UKVI.
  • If you hold a Tier 4 visa and your new programme requires ATAS clearance, you must obtain this before the change will be approved. You must bring your ATAS certificate to the Student Centre so we may note it on your record. A list of the programmes requiring ATAS clearance can be found here.
  • You must ensure you have sufficient funding to complete your new programme of study.
  • Unless stated to the contrary, it will be assumed that the change of degree programme will be effective from the start of the current session.
  • The normal deadline for change of degree programme during the session is 31 October.

In order to change your programme you must login to your PORTICO account and complete the online application under the 'C2RS Home' menu.

Research Students

In order to apply, your supervisor must email Student Records confirming the new research programme and the effective date of change.

Change of Course Units

  • If you want to change any of your individual course units, an application must be made by the Departmental Tutor to the Examinations office (via the Faculty Office).
  • The normal deadline for changes of course unit during the session is 27 January. Any student wishing to make a change after this date must be referred to the relevant Faculty Tutor.
  • If you wish to withdraw from a course unit after 27 January please refer to the Withdrawal from Examinations web page.

Download an application form [PDF File]

Completing Research Status (Research students)

If you have fulfilled the conditions set out below you may register as a ‘Completing Research Status’ (CRS) student while you write up your thesis.

(i) have upgraded to PhD status (in the case of the MPhil/PhD programme) or confirmed entry to MPhil only. MPhil candidates may also take up CRS under the same conditions as PhD candidates but will be required to confirm that they have not upgraded to PhD.

(ii) be in a position to submit your thesis within 12 months (for full-time students) and 24 months (for part-time students). You will not remain registered as a student after the end of your CRS status so it is essential that you do not take up CRS unless you are ready to write up and are confident that you will meet this deadline.

(iii) have met any other departmental or divisional conditions.

While on CRS status you will have continued access to UCL facilities and are not required to pay fees.

You must read the Academic Regulations and the Code of Practice for Graduate Students before applying for CRS status.

In order to apply, your supervisor must email Student Records confirming the effective date of transfer.

Extension to Completing Research Status (Research Students)

UCL recognises that research can be subject to unexpected difficulties. You may therefore apply for an extension to CRS status in exceptional circumstances, as detailed on the form.

Guidance Notes

  • You must read the Academic Regulations before applying for an extension to CRS status.
  • Your application for extension must be supported by your supervisor and the Head of Department and submitted to the Student Records office.
  • If your research at UCL has been publicly funded you must also apply directly to the research council or charity for an extension. UCL will not do this for you. A copy of the letter from your funding body with their decision in relation to the extension must be attached to this application.
  • Many of the funding bodies apply sanctions to the department if students do not submit their theses within four years from the start of registration. You should discuss this, if applicable, with both your supervisor and your departmental graduate tutor before submitting this application.

Download an application form [Word File]

Study Leave for Postgraduate Research Students

If you are away from UCL to conduct research for more than four weeks you must make an application for Study Leave.

Guidance Notes

  • You must be in regular attendance at UCL for a minimum total of nine months full-time study (or the equivalent in part-time study) during your period of research.
  • The maximum period of study leave permitted is two calendar years.
  • You may not be on study leave during the first three and final three months of your programme.
  • Under UCL regulations you will be expected to keep in regular contact with your supervisor during your study leave.
  • You will be liable for fees at a reduced rate during the period of study leave.

Download an application form [Word File]

Study Away from UCL

If you need to study away from UCL for up to 3 months on academic grounds (such as collecting data or conducting research) you must apply to your Departmental Tutor/Programme Leader for permission to study away before you leave, and provide the location of study and the reason for doing so. Further details are available in the Study Away from UCL procedures.

To apply for a period of study away, please complete the following a Study Away from UCL Request Form (doc)

Tier 4 Students 

You should read the Tier 4 responsibilities webpage for guidance and information on how these changes may affect you. 

Further information can be found on the UCL Immigration and visas webpage

If you have further queries you can contact the UCLU Rights & Advice team.

Authorised Absence for Tier 4 Students

If you are studying at UCL under a Tier 4 visa and you are absent from UCL due to short-term illness or other extenuating circumstances you must obtain authorisation under the Authorised Absence procedures.

To apply for an authorised absence, please complete the Authorised Absence Request Form (doc).