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Site Map of Digital Egypt for Universities

Archaeological Record
history of archaeology

transport, control, language, literature, writing, sealing

Art and Architecture
sculpture, relief, applied art, houses, religious architecture
Intercultural path

Exchange, Conflict.
Exact Sciences
weights and measures
mathematics, astronomy, medicine
faience, metal, food/drink
wood, bone, stonework, pottery

Social History
age, gender, social class, race

Upper Egypt - Middle Egypt - Lower Egypt - Others

Tarkhan, Fayum, Gizeh, Abydos, Lahun, Badari, Naqada, Meydum, Qau, Hierakonpolis, Amarna, Deir el-Medina, Memphis, Fustat, Sedment, Gurob, Tell el-Yahudiyeh, Gerzeh, Harageh, Rifeh, Thebes, Saqqara, Buhen, Hawara, Zaraby, Elkab

Predynastic Early Dynastic Egypt Old Kingdom Middle Kingdom
New Kingdom Late Period Greek - Roman Egypt Islamic Egypt
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