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Mathematical Fragments from Lahun: Introduction
by Annette Imhausen

Among the Lahun papyri a small number of fragments can be identified as mathematical texts, i.e. texts that have been written to record a mathematical procedure (problem text) or used to carry out a mathematical procedure (table text). Very few sources of ancient Egyptian mathematical texts are still extant. Of these, the mathematical fragments of the Lahun papyri hold a significant place. They contain both table texts and problem texts. While they are in many respects like the two major sources, the Rhind (mathematical) papyrus and the Moscow (mathematical) papyrus, they also show a number of significant details that are not seen in any other text.

(because of technical reasons it is not possible to display all mathematical signs etc. the following pages are also avaiable as pdf -files:
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List of the mathematical fragments of the Lahun papyri

Inventory number Number in Griffiths 1898 content
UC 32118B ------------ parts of two problems
UC 32134A LV.3 aHa-problem
UC 32134B LV.3 part of one problem
UC 32159 IV.2 2: n table
UC 32160 IV.3 calculations of two problems
UC 32161 XLV.1 list of numbers
UC 32162 LV.4 title, 2 problems

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