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Writing in Egypt

Many different writing systems and languages were used in the history of Egypt.

The writing systems for Egyptian in Pharaonic Egypt

UC 14390, New Kingdom stela found at Thebes
(hear the sound of the language)
Hieratic UC 33020
UC 32047

Writing systems of foreigners (living) in Egypt

Cuneiform tablet
UC 36112, seal with a Hebrew inscription
UC 2405, Carian inscription

Writing systems of Foreigners ruling (and living in) Egypt

UC 54913
Greek UC 16506, Greek tomb stone from Hawara (hear the sound of the language)
UC 59730, Latin inscription: Alex Drila

Writing systems in the first and second millennia AD

UC 32087, coptic UC 16860, stela

compare (the writing materials):

papyrus | codex | wooden boards | ostraca | libraries

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