Prof. Jan-Peter Muller

Head of the Imaging Group

Tel: +44 (0)1483 204 100

Fax: +44 (0)1483 278 312

Internal: 2151

Email prefix: j.muller

Room: Nu101

Research Interests

  • Imaging science

    • new sensing techniques (e.g. fluorescence spectroscopy)
    • uncooled thermal IR
    • sub-surface imaging systems from space
  • 3D extraction

    • multi-angle stereo (e.g. MISR, MISRlite)
    • imaging lidar
    • InSAR and SAR phase correlation
  • Machine vision and 3D Animated visualisation

    • automated landscape feature extraction (e.g. trees, buildings on earth; craters on Mars)
    • orbital-rover data fusion
    • web-GIS for data dissemination and visualisation
    • visualisation of global change (link to Global Change Video)
  • Global climate from EO

    • long-term calibration of EO instruments (e.g. TRUTHS)
    • validation methods
    • global land surface albedo
    • global cloud-top heights and winds
    • global aerosol source-to-sink (e.g. volcanic ash, smoke, pollution)
    • PM2.5/PM1 mapping in urban canyons from space
    • Standing biomass
    • Solar-planetary weather teleconnections
  • Planetary science

    • life detection on other planets (in our solar system & beyond)
    • comparative morphology for understanding surface processes using 3D terrain
    • highly turbulent flow and how Giant Planets' banded structure and long-lived storms can persist


  • B.Sc. Physics, University of Sheffield (1976)
  • M.Sc. D.I.C. Atmospheric Physics & Dynamics, Imperial College (1977)
  • Ph.D. Planetary Meteorology/Astronomy, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London (1982)

Professional History

  • Professor of Image Understanding and Remote Sensing
  • 1991 - Present 
    Department of Space and Climate Physics, University College London
  • 2006 - Present 
    Conducting research on image understanding, new sensor development and remote sensing and lecturing courses in "Global Monitoring of Environment and Security" and "Image Understanding" in M.Sc. Remote Sensing and "Space Instrumentation and Applications" on MSc Space Science. Head of Imaging Group
  • MODIS and MISR Team Member (NASA Earth Observing System Project) : 1989 - Present
  • HRSC Team Member (ESA Mars Express 2003 Project) : 1992 - Present
  • Stereo PanCam Team Member (ESA ExoMars 2016 Project) : 2006 - Present
  • Founder Director of Blue Sky Imaging Limited, UK : 1998 - Present
  • Chairman, UK Space Agency Aurora Advisory Committee : 2010-2013
  • Member, STFC Astronomy Grants Panel : 2009-2011
  • Chairman, ISPRS WGV IV/6 on "Global DEM interoperability" : 2008-present
  • Point-of-Contact, GEO Task DA-09-03d on "Global DEM" : 2009-2012
  • Point-of-Contact, GEO Task IN-02-C2-1  on "Global DEM" : 2012-Present
  • Point-of-Contact, GEO Task DA-07-01 on "Global DEM inter-operability" : 2007-2008
  • Chairman, CEOS Working Group on Calibration/Validation Sub-group on "Terrain Mapping from Satellites" : 2001-Present
  • Director, UK NASA RPIF (Regional Planetary Imaging Facility) : 2007-Present
  • Co-Chairman, ISPRS IV/I WG on "Extraterrestrial Mapping" : 1996-2004
  • Professional Awards

    • SIGGRAPH '90 Scientific Visualisation for "3D Imaging from Space: The UK Perspective".
    • Winner of 1990 British Computer Society Technical Innovation Award for the "UCL 3D Image Maker".
    • Winner of 1993 British Multimedia Association Best European Multimedia Project for "Erd-sicht Global Change Videodisk".
    • Winner of British Multimedia Association Gold Award 1995 and Melia1995 Award (Cannes) Best Consumer Reference CD-ROM Project for "3D Atlas".
    • NASA Distinguished Group Achievement Award for the EOS MISR Instrument (2001)
    • NASA Distinguished Group Achievement Award for the EOS Aqua platform (2003)
    • ESA and National Remote Sensing Centre of China "Award of Excellence" for DRAGON project exploring the environmental impacts of the Three Gorges dam (2008)




  • WMO-BIPM invited participant/speaker on "Measurement Challenges for Global Observation Systems for Climate Change Monitoring Traceability, Stability and Uncertainty", WMO HQ, Geneva, CH, 28.3-1.4.10
  • ESA-NRSCC invited speaker/chair for "DRAGON2 Mid-Term Review", Giulin city, P.R. China, 17-21.5.10
  • ESA "Living Earth" symposium, Bergen, Norway, 28.6-2.7.10

One fact about me...

I enjoy cooking as a therapeutic exercise in the manner of Keith Floyd 

  • CEOS
  • PanCam
  • HRSC
  • MISR

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