UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics


Juno Award

We are committed to the IOP’s Project JUNO to develop an equitable and inclusive departmental culture for everyone.

Project JUNO awards recognise departments that have taken action towards promoting gender equality in physics and encouraging best practises for all staff.

The Department of Space & Climate Physics became a JUNO Supporter in 2018 and has since progressed to JUNO Practitioner level in 2020. Progress with the JUNO awards have been championed by the department’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee which comprises of members from academic and engineering roles, spanning all career stages. The committee is currently working towards upgrading our JUNO award to JUNO Champion status.

Since 2018, we have put in place a number of initiatives to help build a more inclusive working culture within the department and are continuing to develop these.

More information about Project JUNO is available on the Institute of Physics website