UCL Division of Medicine



We anticipate our graduates will be highly sought-after by employers and will have a significant advantage when applying for positions. The course will prepare students for a career across the scientific or general disciplines, but will be of particular interest to those who wish to go into clinical trials, regenerative medicine and nanotechnology, drug development, hospital management or similar roles.


A Focus on Employability

  • The opportunity for students to specialise from the second year onwards. This will allow students to demonstrate experience, knowledge and commitment to a sub-discipline which will be an asset both in applying for jobs or for pursuing further study.
  • A one month long placement with an employer in the third year gives students valuable experience in a working context. Many employers have stated they would not hire a graduate unless they had relevant workplace experience
  • A focus on proficiency in practical lab skills, solving real world problems and sound scientific communication mean our graduates will have the abilities necessary to survive and thrive in the workplace

Careers Services

  • A Summer employability course equipping students with everything they need to know to understand the graduate jobs market and begin preparing for it
  • UCL Advances has funded internships with SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and given students the chance to work on projects with small startups. As a great deal of employment for medical scientists occurs in small businesses with fewer than 5 employees, the opportunity to get experience in such an organisation will be a great asset for graduates
  • UCL’s award winning Careers Service offers extensive one-on-one support through every stage of the job search and application process, training students to make the most of their potential at interviews and assessment centres. They employ specialists with knowledge of science careers who can help you secure the position you want. Our graduates have access to this service for two full years after they graduate